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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guess we can cross Doctor of the list...

The following conversation occurred in the car today:

Sarah: Ouuuuuuch! Owwww! (lots of tears and wailing) I gave myself a paper cut! (more wailing and crying)

There was so much pain from this little paper cut that even a Band-Aid wouldn't stop the tears and the screaming and the crying. I knew it must have really hurt because a Band-Aid will normally stop all tears in my house.

I have often wondered what magic power is contained in those little plastic strips.

Peter: Don't let me look! Don't let me look!

I thought it was interesting they way he phrased this sentence. It almost sounded as if he was commanding himself not to let himself look.

Peter: Don't let me look! I don't want to see blood!

It was at this point that I crossed 'doctor' off the list of potential careers for my son. I'm not panicking though. We still have lots of other high paying professions on that list.

His Daddy and I are just trying to look out for our retirement. We haven't given up on a retirement home on Cape Cod just yet. But Peter and Sarah really need to kick it up a notch in preschool if we are going to make it happen!

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jennwa said...

A Band-aid did not stop the tears, it must have been bad.
Doctors have to go to school for a long time and have huge school loans anyway. He need to find a good profession that only requires a four year degree.
You have to think about all these things early because they say it is never to early to start preparing for your retirement.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

Bandaids cure just about everything here too, even bruises!

Brittany said...

ha ha ha. Adam always wears a bandaid... for no reason. My son is a hypochondriac I think!

Well, he may not be a doctor... but he could be a lawyer? :)

Family Adventure said...

I just read an article about a medical study which found that paper cuts really DO cause a surprisingly high degree of pain. Can you believe there even being a study on the pain of paper cuts? I think they did it for all those kids out there :)

Of course, they don't need to study the miraculous healing powers of bandaids. In our house, they've even been known to cure headaches!

We've got similar Cape Cod plans, btw!

Have a good week,


the dragonfly said...

Even my tiny little guy (well, getting bigger every day!) seems cured by a band-aid. When he gets his shots he screams...but once that band-aid is on there, he's fine!

Not Your Regular Mini Van Mom said...

Maybe he will be a Dr. of pschology? Keep the hope alive LOL

tommie said...

Far be it we run out of bandaids at our house! It must have been painful.

Melissa said...

Ha ahaa! Maybe instead of being a doc he can be incharge of the docs!? Hospital Administrator!!!!! There is still hope for Cape Cod

Annikke said...

That's cute! Band-Aids fix it all most of the time in my house too!

Anonymous said...

So funny! Maybe not a a doctor, but don't give up on Cape Cod just yet!

Kellan said...

How cute!! I sometimes wish I didn't have to look - someone has to look, don't they?

Cute post - have a good afernoon Beth - see you soon. Kellan

Tracy said...

Just trying to get this right! :) Thanks for the tips!

carrie said...

Please don't tell my daughter that band-aids aren't magic. She'll be crushed!

This was too cute!

Jen said...

Band-aids do the same trick at my house too. Even if there's no blood, every bump that is covered with a band-aid is instantly healed.

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

I'm now fixated on No. 4.

Those look fabulous!