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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Let Freedom Ring!

We had a very lovely long 4th of July weekend! Sarah had to work a double on Friday so when Dan got home from work, we ate dinner, went to the park and walked a couple of miles and then came home and got caught up on a couple of our favorite shows.

On Saturday, Dan did yard work and I just did  things around the house and Sarah worked at the pool.  (She's co-manger now!) In the evening, Joe attended Mass with us and then joined us for dinner at 4th Street Filling Station.  Sarah had to work on Sunday so it was just me and Dan and Mom and Brad for lunch on Sunday but Peter came home Sunday evening after his shift at work ended!  

I'm happiest when all my birdies are in the nest!

Speaking of birdies - I took down the feeders on Friday to prepare for our little 4th of July cookout.  Birds make a mess of everything and I didn't want to risk anyone getting pooped on so it had to be done.  I felt bad for the birds because they kept coming by looking in the window with big hungry eyes. I've put one of the feeders back up but I haven't put the window feeder back up yet.  So many birds keep hitting the window that I think it's dangerous for them.  But the doves and the chipmunk hog the hanging feeder and the little birds aren't getting to eat as much.  Not sure what I'll do.  I'll probably break down and put the window feeder back up.

Here's a picture of our chipmunk Alvin.  He can jump into the feeder from here or he can climb up the little black post the feeder is hanging from.  It's fun to watch him eat - his cheeks fill up with food.  It's adorable.

We had our little 4th celebration on Monday instead of Tuesday so everyone could enjoy themselves without worrying about work the next day.  I made a few dips and Dan grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, my mom made baked beans and hash brown casserole and Jennifer brought two desserts!  I also made a big batch at Sangria that was pretty good!

My brother put on a fabulous fireworks display and before that, God gave us a little sunny shower and capped it off with a double rainbow.  I'll share the rainbow picture because my fireworks pictures never turn out...

This one isn't that bad...

On Tuesday, we all slept in and then Sarah had to work the afternoon shift.  Dan, Peter, and I headed to Pilot Mountain.


We also swung by Quarry Park and then had dinner at Hungry Palate.  And just like that, the long weekend was over and Dan was back at work on Wednesday.  Joe came over to hang out with Sarah and ate dinner with us last night and just like that it's already Thursday!

Peter is heading back to Raleigh today and I'm a little bummed but I'll be heading back to Raleigh in a few weeks to help him move into his new room.  He's staying in the same house with his fraternity brothers but some are moving out, some are moving in, and Peter's getting a bigger room.  He's excited!  

And then hopefully a little bit after that we will be heading to the Cape for vacation.  Fingers crossed that everything works out for that to happen.