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Friday, February 1, 2008

100 Things About Me...Part 3

Here we go again...25 more things you always wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask...

51. I love Jennifer Aniston. I was heartbroken when Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie but I guess I'm over it now.

52. My favorite day of the week in Thursday. I know this might sound odd but when I was working and Must See TV was all the rage on NBC, I really started looking forward to Thursdays so I could get my Friends and Seinfeld fix. It was at that point that I realized, by looking forward to Thursdays, my weekend started earlier. And if your "weekend" starts on Thursday, you have only a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend every week! I guess I like to look at the glass half full instead of half empty!

Now that I have a DVR, it doesn't really matter which night any of my favorite shows are on but I still like to think of Thursday as the beginning of my weekend!

53. I have hazel eyes. Growing up I always wished they were green. In high school, I even got green tinted contact lenses. But I always felt like I was misrepresenting myself and they looked fake, so, I came to terms with my brownish greenish eyes and have learned that with the right eye shadow shade, they can look more green than brown.

54. I have no patience and I don't hide my frustration well. My daughter is always asking me "are you happy or mad?" knowing full well that I am upset.

55. I am a homebody. I would prefer to spend the weekend at home with my family than going to birthday parties, cookouts, neighborhood events, etc. Don't get me wrong...I enjoy these things too but only every once in a while...not every weekend! I know this sounds boring but it suits us just fine!

56. My favorite month is September. I was born in September and I got married in September. I love the starts to cool down and the sky is usually a magnificent shade of blue most days.

57. I love Jersey Mike's subs. My favorite is the vegetarian. There isn't one very close to me now and I miss it. Subway just doesn't cut it if you have ever had Jersey Mike's.

58. While we are on the subject of favorite fast food place is Wendy's. Unfortunately, the kids like McDonald's and Dan likes Chick-Fil-A so we don't ever eat there.

59. I don't like Chick-Fil-A because the chicken sandwiches are too chicken-y and their waffle fries are too potato-y. My family loves to make fun of me when I tell them this. It does sound silly but it's true!

60. I like to keep my house neat. It's not always clean but everything is usually in it's place. I do my house cleaning (and I use that term lightly) on Fridays so that I can enjoy the weekend with a semi-clean house. Although, it usually looks like it needs to be cleaned again by lunchtime on Saturday.

61. One of my pet peeves is toothpaste in the sink. I don't know what it is with my kids, but whenever they finish brushing their teeth, there is toothpaste strung from one end of the bathroom to the other. Drives me crazy!

62. My favorite flower is the tulip. I love white ones, especially. They are so simple and beautiful. I carried a bouquet of red roses when I got married but I love tulips the best. My husband rarely gives me flowers and on the rare occasion that he does, he will bring them home instead of having them delivered.

When I worked, it used to drive me crazy when all the other ladies would trot through the office on Valentine's Day with their gigantic bouquets of flowers and I never got any. He did bring me some tulips home one year but no one got to see them except me. That should be good enough but I wanted to parade my flowers around the office.

63. My husband and I never exchange gifts. For our birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day, we exchange cards but never gifts. I don't mind this at all. It's actually quite nice. There's never any stress associated with the holidays. My only requirement is that the card be a Hallmark card. I'm a snob that way.

64. My favorite time of day is from 6:00am to 7:00am. This is my time. Monday through Friday, I can be found sitting in front of the computer drinking coffee, checking email, reading blogs, writing posts, etc. This is the one hour of the day that is just for me and it absolutely flies by!

65. I have never smoked a cigarette. Not one. Ever. My parents used to smoke when I was little...this was back in the 70's and I think everyone smoked then. I got really worried that smoking was going to kill them. (I was very smart for my age.) My brother and I hid their cigarettes once. They got upset and when they asked why we did that, I responded, "Because your breath smells like a heart attack." They quit shortly after that.

66. I am a goody two shoes.

67. I wasn't part of the popular crowed in high school but I had a lot of friends. I was a nerd, but you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.

68. My hair grows fast. Really fast.

69. I shave my legs I guess it's because my hair grows fast. Really fast. In fact, usually by noon, my legs look and feel like I never even shaved them at all.

70. I have horrible skin. In addition to my wrinkles, I still get acne. This is confirmation that life is, indeed, unfair.

71. My favorite Christmas present by far was the year my parents surprised me with my very own phone line in my bedroom. I was about 11 and was on the phone all the time. My Dad worked from home and needed the phone for his business. This was back before call waiting so the only answer was to get me my very own phone. Lucky me!

72. I have traveled to Mexico, Canada, Penang, Wales and France on business. I would like to be able to travel overseas again but definitely for pleasure and not on business.

73. I was once given a raise at work because I had been given a lot of extra responsibilities. I told my manager that the amount was unacceptable and that I wanted more. Guess what? I got it! Never sell yourself short.

74. I used to have a poster of Shaun Cassidy in my bedroom. I thought he was cute! Da do run run run...Da do run run...

75. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 1997 after I had numbness and tingling in my feet that would not go away. An MRI showing lesions on my brain confirmed the diagnosis. After 10 days of massive doses of steroids, the numbness and tingling went away.

I also began taking Avonex which is an intramuscular shot that Dan gave me once a week. I am now taking Betaseron which is a subcutaneous shot I take every other day. It's less painful and I can give it to myself...although my husband is a sweetie and mixes the shot for me.

After 1997, I was symptomless until one month after giving birth to my daughter. I started experiencing horrible burning pains in my upper right arm which eventually moved to my right shoulder. I still have this pain 3 and a half years later, but finally, finally, I think it is under control with the right combination of drugs.

I thank God every day that the only symptoms I have are the burning pain. It could be so much worse. Always look at the glass half full!

This is so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I knew I was boring, average and ordinary but I didn't realize exactly how boring, average and ordinary until I started this list. I will keep working and hopefully be back soon with the last 25 very soon!

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Michelle said...

Ok Beth, you are too perfect and I hate you!'''(it's winter, I don't shave my legs in winter . I mean I would, if Allen wasn't such a work-a-holic that he would ever notice..........and the hair keeps me warm!

Actually, I love you and your writing, but you make me feel so inadequate!'''

Have a great day

Scribbit said...

I was just talking tonight with my sister on the phone and we both agreed that we liked your blog. :)

Family Adventure said...

I think breaking the 100th post up into 4 posts is a great idea (if that makes any sense). I'm glad your MS is under of my friends have MS, and she, too, is doing very well :)

My favourite flower is the tulip, too. If you ever get a chance to travel to Holland, do so in the spring. The tulips are planted in fields in the colours of the rainbow. It is a stunning sight!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Tina said...

An hour of 'me time', that sounds great! My hubby and I do exchange gifts, b/c he spoiled me that way back in high school and I guess I sort of expect it now.

We have several things in common, but I'm not with you on ChickFila!!

Love tulips! :)

carrie said...

I love these lists! It is so fun getting to know you -- and my favorite day of the week is also Thursday, maybe for the "must-see-tv" or maybe because it's ALMOST the weekend! :)

Maude Lynn said...

Shaun Cassidy! Be still my heart!

Kellan said...

My sister was the goody-two-shoes and I was the black sheep. More fun and interesting things about you Beth - very cool. Hope you are having a great weekend, even though Thur. are your favorite days. See you soon. Kellan

june cleaver said...

Oh, I loooove Jennifer Aniston as well! I am still mad at Brad Pitt and I refuse to see any movie he or that homewrecker Jolie are in. I haven't even seen Ocean's 13 yet! I bet if we met Jennifer, she would want to be our friend.

Don Mills Diva said...

You have a fantastic attitude about your MS - I love positive people and I could use some positivity in my life right now. I LOVED Shaun Cassidy too. ANd Andy Gibb!

Brittany said...

6-7 am... my favorite time too!!!

Anonymous said...

I came back to see if you'd added Part 3...I love this list of 'bite-size' facts about you and your life, it's a fun way to learn about soemone!
I hate toothpaste in the sink too...I'm always the first in there after the kids to see if the sink needs rinsing out. I used to do it myself but usually I can persuade them to come back and do it...:)
I'm glad to hear that your MS is under control, and I'm glad too that you choose to write about it; it must offer support to others who have it too.
Your writing is fun and inspirational at the same time. Thanks for sharing with us.

Corey~living and loving said...

I found myself agreeing with you on so much here...but mommy brain is preventing me to remember what I wanted to say. LOL

mostly though...I am glad the MS is mostly undercontrol

have a great week.

Missy said...

You realize you and I are about the only people on the planet who don't "get" Chick Fil A.

I just don't get it. I mean, it's ok,'s not *all that*. And it's expensive too!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

You totally had me at loving Jennifer Anniston. I, too, was totally shocked Brat Pitt left her for Jolie. I'm still sad about it!

Great idea to break up your 100!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

New to your blog. YOu left me a comment and I am adding you to my google reader because I love just about every one of these facts a nd I have to find out more about anyone else who ALSO had Shaun Cassidy posters in their room! He was so dreamy.

Ann(ie) said...

Kay, I love your blog. I found you via Kellan. I too hate toothpaste in the sink and I love Jennifer Aniston.

LindaSue said...

Not at all average and boring - you are living a very full life and it appeals to me on so many levels. One is that although everyone thought I was a goody two shoes -I definitely wasn't - not happy about that but it makes a bigger difference as you look back on your life from my ancient and lofty (and obviously covered with malarkey) perch!

the mother of this lot said...

That's my favourite time of the day as well!

Pam said...

My legs could use a shave every day, but I don't care any more. After the hubs said he didn't care, I just let it go most of the time. I can definitely relate to hairly legs. Oh, the joys of womanhood!

Steph said...

Have you ever tried Jimmy John's subs? YUMMY! :) Although you might not agree with my food tastes, because I LOVE Chick Fil A!!!
Toothpaste in the sick? My pet peeve too!
We are the same on the flowers...I love tulips, and my husband never sends them either. When we first met he SWORE he would never send them. Of course he broke down & did it while we were dating, but no more.
I love learning more about you! Can't wait for your last installment. Have a great day!

Grandma T said...

Beth, I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Queen of My Domain said...

We have so many similiar likes on your list. Except for one BIG one..I love Chick Fil A. How can it possibly be to chickeny for you. ;) That is to funny. And it's all the small things that we think that are boring about ourselves that make us who we are.

MadMad said...

I know you think they're cumbersome, but your list has been a fun read! It is fun to see how similar you are to someone (I am a homebody, have hazel eyes, and couldn't even watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith because I felt the whole time I was watching two people cheating... it was icky!) and to get to know them better, too!