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Monday, June 23, 2008

Miracle Monday

If you will remember, I started Miracle Monday because I felt like I heard God's voice in the shower telling me to do it.

So I did it.

How can you hear God's voice and not do what he wants you to do?

At at that first edition of Miracle Monday way back in March, 20 people left miracles. I was thrilled! I knew of course that I probably wouldn't get 20 miracles every week but I figured, God was in charge so anything is possible.

And over the last 16 weeks, I have gotten fewer and fewer miracles. And now, I have about 2 miracles posted every week.

Last week, I contemplated putting an end to Miracle Monday. I was a little embarrassed that there were only 2 miracles every week. This Miracle Monday thing was making me and my blog look bad! What was God thinking?? Why did he ask me to start this only to let it fizzle out?

But last Monday morning as I contemplated putting an end to Miracle Monday, I heard that voice again. And this time, the voice said, "I started this. I'll tell you when to stop it."

So. Once again, I listened to God and told myself, "If he only wants a couple of miracles a week. That's fine with me. I'll keep doing it and when I'm supposed to stop I guess he will tell me." So I posted another post. And granted, I did it a begrudgingly. (Sorry, Lord. I'm still a work in progress.)

And only two miracles were posted. And I was a little bummed out. And I thought, "Why am I doing this? What's the point?"

And then on Wednesday, I got an email from a friend who had read one of the miracles that had been posted on Monday. She wrote, and I quote, "God used your blog as a vehicle to remind me that He's in control and has heard my prayers."

I was thrilled when I read this! I guess Miracle Monday doesn't have to be big to have an impact!

God does know what he's doing after all. Why do I ever doubt Him? He keeps showing me time and time again. All I have to do is be quiet and listen. And let go of my vanity and my pride.

Do you have a miracle you want to post? Has God been speaking to you? Perhaps he wants you to write about it. Perhaps your miracle will comfort someone or help them in a way you will never know.

If you would like to share a miracle, it's simple. Just post a miracle on your blog and link it back here using Mr. Linky below. Please mention "A Mom's Life" and my URL in your post. And if you want, you can use the Miracle Monday button in your post as well.

PLEASE NOTE - when linking make sure to link to your Miracle Monday post. Do not link to the front page of your blog. If you have any questions, email me and I will be glad to help you. My email address is in my profile.

Have a great Miracle Monday and thanks for participating!

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Denise said...

Bless you for continuing with miracle monday sweetie.

Maude Lynn said...

I know exactly what you mean. I think that we've all been there. Don't get discouraged!

Texasholly said...

I have goosebumps. So true. I am glad that you have continued. I am always amazed at the miracles that are posted.

Valarie said...

You should definitely keep it up. I keep wanting to do it, but Monday always seems like the hardest day for me to sit and sctually write out the story I want to. Maybe I will just write it later in the week and then link back anyways...
And hey! I don't think two miracles a week is such a horrible number! A miracle is a miracle!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone...don't get discouraged, you are doing a great thing here. And even one miracle is pretty amazing and something to be thankful for.

I really enjoy reading your MM. And maybe I'm not looking hard enough to see my own miracles, but you're inspiring me to keep on looking for them. I'll probably find one right under my nose.

And please visit my blog and pray for little Callum. He really needs a miracle right now.
bella x

Family Adventure said...

What you are doing is wonderful, Beth. This is a busy time of year for so many people, the blogosphere suffers a bit from it, I think. Hang in there, and I know you will see your numbers pick up...


Annikke said...

I wanted to tell you that every Monday I come here and I read the miracles that are posted. They help me see that God doesn't have to perform a HUGE thing for it to be a miracle... there are little miracles happening to people everyday in every way. I have been blessed by these. Sometimes I feel guilty on Monday's because I think to myself "I know God has done some great things in my life" and yet I can not think of one to post. Some Mondays I spend a lot time asking God to forgive me for not remembering (or recognizing) his works.
So, please continue this Miracle Monday as it is an encouragement to me and I'm sure many others!

Unknown said...

Oh Thank you for continuing because my miracle was finding all of you.

God Bless,

Shirley Mary said...

When I read that you contemplated putting an end to Miracle Monday, I think my first reaction was, What???
On Monday morning, your post is the first one I look at to see who has posted a miracle. I think if too many people signed all of them might not get read. With two or three this gives time to really absorb what it written.

You keep posting and we will keep getting blessed!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE that you are doing this! I will definitely be participating next week. I believe in miracles in such a BIG way and it is so important to recognize them and truly learn to look at our short lives on earth with ears to hear and eyes to see. Our days can get so hectic and crazy, but stopping to really notice and listen reveals miracles all around us! God is so good in this way!

All that to say - definitely keep it up!

Rebekah said...

Since recently discovering your blog, I am new to miracle monday. And although I dont have anyting to post today, I would encourage you not to give it up. Even if it's a blessing to one person, that is worth it.

Christina said...

I am glad your continuing it. I get such a blessing even if it's only one or two. Sometimes I think it has more of an impact and staying power if there are only a few at a time.Then I can contemplate them all day long.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Kudos to you Beth for being a vehicle of inspiration. Definitely keep doing it!

AlaneM said...

I love miracle monday & I hope you never stop hosting it. Even if there's not a ton of stories they still impact people. You never know who God wants to reach!

Jaina said...

I love reading your Miracle Mondays, and I hope you don't stop! I just haven't had anything noteworthy to share thus far, but I truly enjoy reading what is shared.