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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 8

Y'all.  This week has flown by.  I looked up and it's Thursday.  So let's so what I've got to be thankful for this week.

1.  Health.  I feel like our family made it out of this horrible flu season fairly unscathed.  Sarah had the flu early in the season but she honestly only felt bad one day.  And other than a head cold here and there, the rest of us have been fine.  Of course, winter has another month  to go but for now, I'm thankful that we have been so healthy.

2.  Warm weather.  With weather in the low 70s this week, it sure feels like spring is in the air! My tulips seem to think so too...

3. Cute things. I always keep little pinch pots of salt and pepper out when I'm cooking so when I saw these at Target from Chip and Jo's Hearth and Home line, I knew I had to have them.  Aren't they cute?

4. The sun.  Y'all.  It has been so cloudy and rainy around here.  Even though it's warm it still looks like winter outside.  So I've been thankful for the sunshine whenever we can get it.  I'll take a couple hours here and there over none at all!

5.  The tulip.  Last week Dan got me tulips for Valentine's Day.  But what I didn't realize until Sunday was that on his way to the Ash Wednesday service, he stopped by Rebecca's grave and put one lone tulip stem on her gravestone.  As soon as I saw it, I teared up.

We visit Rebecca's grave every Sunday after Mass religiously.  But just thinking about my sweet husband stopping by and paying his respects and leaving her one of those beautiful tulips just makes me so thankful for him, for tulips, for her.   She wasn't here for long but man, that little baby was loved.  And that tulip still looked perfect on Sunday.  The ones in the house were completely open and starting to wilt a bit but because of the cooler temps last week and the wet weather, it looked as if it had just been placed there.  It makes me smile just to think about it.

6. My crock pot. On busy days, I am always thankful for my crock pot and the ability to have a meal almost ready when we all get home from doing whatever it is we are doing.  I spent the majority of yesterday running around, driving people here and there, and was basicallyaway from home all day.  But dinner wasn't an issue thanks to my trusty crock pot.  But now the question is whether or not I should get an Instant Pot?!

7. That purse I didn't get.  I was in the store debating a purchase.  It was a gorgeous purse - the color was perfect, the shape was perfect, the size was perfect and it even had a clasp for your key chain.  And the price was too good to pass up. But I did pass it up because I had a purse in the exact same color that was only two weeks old.  Even though the other purse was way nicer (Michael Kors versus Target - that much nicer!)  I did not need it.  And as I was walking to the car almost instantly regretting that I did not get it, I realized  - I don't need anything.

There is not one thing that I currently need that I do not have or could not get if a need suddenly came up.  And for that, I praise the Lord and thank Him on the regular!

8.  Billy Graham.  How could I let this thankful list go  without being thankful for him and the Truth that he brought to so many millions of people.  Even in his death, he is bringing Truth to our troubled world as his life story and love of Jesus were all over the news, the radio, social media.  I imagine that even in his passing, he is bringing people to God as nonbelievers stop and listen to his words!  What a beautiful legacy of a life sold out for Jesus!

Happy Thursday!


Madeline said...

A perfect Thankful list. And yes! I need the sun to come out up here too!!!!

So sweet of Dan to bring both Rebecca and you tulips. That makes my heart so happy.

Billie Jo said...

So much to love here, Beth.
The tulip for your sweet baby girl is beautiful.
The crockpot! Yes. Just yes.
And honestly, the whole Instant Pot thing kinda freaks me out!
I don't know if want my food cooked that fast!!! lol
LOVE the salt and pepper pinch bowls!!
Have a cozy weekend with your people. : )

Gigi said...

I am thankful for this warm weather but I am ready for some SUN! ;-)

I noticed this afternoon that my tulips and daffodils are sprouting too - made me smile!

Ernie said...

I am always thankful for Thursday because I don't babysit on Friday so ahhh! Also tank has been no.e sick and he went back to school today. He has been calling me from his cell phone upstairs to order grilled cheese, etc for lunch.

Mari said...

I love that Dan left a tulip on Rebecca's grave. That is just so sweet!
I read a quote of Billy Graham that said "someday you will hear that I have died. Don't believe it! I'll be more alive than I've ever been!" I love that!

Kelli said...

I have been looking at the salt and pepper pot at Target. I think this post has convinced me I need them!