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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 5

It's Thursday so it's time to review the things I'm thankful for this week.

1.  Blue birds.  I was driving along this past weekend deep in thought when the most brilliant blue bird flew right in front of me.  It was such a bright blue that it caught me off guard.  Since then, I've seen a couple more brightly colored blue birds.  I'm thankful they are flitting around on these gray cold days of winter.

2.  It's February!  This January has seemed very long and very cold so the fact that it's February means it will be spring before we know it! Peter said that once February hits, it's practically summer vacation. I like the way he thinks!

3. These tulips.  I know I shared some tulips last week but y'all, I really do love them.  And my friend Jen H. tipped me off that Lidl had beautiful tulips.  So I popped in and grabbed 20 stems for $10.  TWENTY!  They are so fresh that they haven't opened yet but I am excitedly waiting for these babies to show me their purple-pink blooms in a few days!

4. Catholic Schools.  I just love our kid's schools.  And I'm always especially thankful for them during Catholic Schools Week.

5. No flu for Dan.  One of Dan's coworkers that was with him in Dubai got the flu.  He spent one day in Dubai ill in the hotel room, the next day on a plane home (I'm sure that was miserable for him), and then was diagnosed at urgent care late last night.  I'm very thankful that Dan has yet to get it and hopefully won't!

6. Dan might be home on Monday! I know that's still later than last night which was his original schedule but it's still earlier than his revised date home of next Thursday!  2 and half weeks gone is enough.  And even though the only reason he is coming home is because he's scheduled to run a two day meeting with a lot of out-of-town guests and will be working late, at least he will be able to sleep in his own bed!

7. Clean closets.  As much as I did not want to clean out my master closet, I am so thankful I did.  Every time I step in there I smile!

8. The super blue moon.  The super moon was beautiful here and lucky Dan got to see a partial lunar eclipse in Dubai.

9. The Bachelor.  I know, I know.  It's such horrible tv but I really do enjoy watching it.  The kids and Dan always shake their heads at it but I really get a big kick out of such a ridiculous show.  And then I get to read all the recaps online the next day so it's like double my pleasure, double my fun.

10.  A fresh manicure!  It's been forever since I've had my nails done so yesterday I decided to treat myself.  Or as Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation would say:

And I did!

What are you guys thankful for this week?


Billie Jo said...

I am so happy you treated yourself!
We never think/take the time to do that, right??
Glad your hubby is coming home and staying healthy!
I am thankful this week that Marian is coming tomorrow, my mommy had a nice birthday, and I am able to share my life with wonderful friends here in Blogland.
Oh...I wish so much I could watch the Bachelor with you!!!!

Pam said...

Glad you are getting your hubby back. Sleeping in your own bed is never overrated! I have never watched the Bachelor but I feel the same way about Survivor. It's just so interesting..and then all the recaps and blogs afterwards. (I haven't watched in forever but I so get it!)

Mari said...

That's it - I am going to have to find some tulips, since you keep flaunting yours! :)
I love Dan's moon shot, and hope he is home soon!

Madeline said...

Oh gosh I have been on the lookout and have seen no tulips yet! But now I really want some. So glad that Dan will be back sooner than later!! And yes, the Bachelor is kind of a guilty pleasure for me too. I have to watch on Hulu since my kids are still awake when it starts here.