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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I've been busy! But here's everything you need to know!

I've been meaning to pop over here and post but I've just been busy.  If I don't write on ye old blog first thing in the morning, then it just doesn't happen.

Peter is in full swing with track practice.  He's getting used to not getting home until 5:30 or after but all the exercise is making him very tired and very hungry. A normal teenager sleeps and eats a lot,. One that is actually exerting physical energy eats and sleeps a whole lot!

He's also been working on the proposal for his Eagle Scout project.  Hopefully that will get submitted to the district office this week for review and fingers crossed approval.  Although it is my understanding that typically the proposals get kicked back at least once for changes so he is expecting that to happen.  We will see.

Sarah starts track practice this week and swimming next week and that's when the crazy really ramps up around here.  But that will only last two months and once that ends, we will be looking at the last month of school and then summer break! 

On Thursday evening, our priest celebrated his 40th anniversary of priesthood so Dan and I attended the Mass.  Afterwards, we went to dinner with a couple from church.  Dan works with the husband and they invited us.  It was nice to spend some time with them and it was nice to celebrate Father Michael's 40th anniversary!

On Friday, Dan had an appointment at the Charlotte airport to get approved for TSA Precheck so that when he travels, he can get through all the security lines and through customs and immigration much more easily.  He filled out his paperwork for this several months ago and finally had his appointment.  He took the day off of work so after we dropped the kids off at school, we got a large cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and hit the road to Charlotte.

We got to the airport a little early and they were able to interview him as soon as we got there.  It was a very smooth process and we were out the door in no time which meant we head the rest of the day to ourselves because my parents were getting the kids from school.

We went to IKEA.  I had never been before.  They opened the one there right after we left and I had never been and had really been wanting to go to see what all the fuss was about. 

It was interesting to look around the store but I think if I was actually trying to buy something specific I would just order it online.  The store was a huge maze and once we got in, I thought we would never get out. I found the whole experience a little frustrating.  It's hard to browse when you feel trapped!  I think not enjoying shopping in IKEA must mean that I am old!  :)

We went to lunch and had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup because Lent!  Oh, the suffering - to be in such a large city with so many restaurant options and not being able to eat meat!  But we persevered.

We drove around our old neighborhood and just kept commenting about how big and busy everything is there now that we've been gone over 12 years.  Every time we go back, we are thankful that we have chosen the slower pace of life where we are now. Another sign that we are getting old!

After more "sightseeing" we stopped at a restaurant on Lake Norman that's beside my old condo and had a drink and an appetizer while looking out at the water.  It was in the mid 70s and was a perfect afternoon for that:

And then we headed home.  It was really nice to spend the day with Dan.  I wish we would do that more often!

On Saturday Sarah had her placement test for high school!  My baby!  And then afterwards we grabbed lunch and took Peter to Fleet Feet Sports to have him fitted for running shoes. 

That was quite the experience!  He had to take off his shoes and socks and he had to step on some sort of computer screen/camera looking thing and it took a digital 3D scan of his feet.  Then it came back with all these measurements and dimensions and the sales girl started bringing out different brands and models of shoes based on those measurements. 

Here's part of his scan.  This image can be turned and viewed from all angles and there are at least 10 different things that were measured that you can't see on this screen shot.

She had him try one on one foot and another on the other and used the process of elimination to figure out which one felt the best.  Then he tried on spikes using the same process.  After he got home, he went for a quickmile and a half run in his new shoes.  After practice yesterday, he said the shoes felt really good so I'm glad we got him professionally fitted.  I'm kicking myself for not doing that back when I was running.

On Saturday evening, we went back to another hockey game!  Such cheap fun!

Here we are taking a few photos before the game.  It looks empty but there were actually a lot of people there.  

On Sunday we went to Mass, had lunch at my parent's house, and then relaxed the rest of the day - that's my perfect Sunday.

And now I think the blog is officially caught up on life around these parts!


Madeline said...

Wow you have been busy!! The running shoe fitting is so interesting to me. I am sure it makes the world of difference!

Mari said...

You and Dan had such a fun day. I'm older than you and I like shopping at IKEA, so at least you know you aren't old yet!
I never heard of professional shoe fitting, but it looks like a really good idea!