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Monday, February 12, 2018

A hockey game, a cuckoo clock, and a dance. All you need for a fun weekend!

We had quite the weekend!  It was rainy and dreary but we kept busy.

On Friday evening, I dropped Sarah off with her Girl Scout troop.  They were headed out to see the Carolina Thunder Birds play hockey.

Sarah said they had a great time and we are hoping to go as a family before the season ends. 

After we dropped Sarah off, Dan and Peter and I headed out to his high school to see the last home basketball game of the regular season.  It was a good game but unfortunately they lost.  One of their best players has been out with an injury the last couple of games and another good player has had the flu.  Hopefully they will all be back in time to play in the post season games. 

On Saturday, I did a few house cleaning chores and Dan and I drove to the other side of town to pick up his Dad's old German cuckoo clock from the repair shop. 

I had finally agreed to hanging up in the house - y'all - I can not stand the sound of a clock going off all the time.  But I was going to deal with it because this clock brings Dan joy. 

But as soon as we started to mount it on the wall, the Orange Menace came out of nowhere and began attacking the chains.  We decided at that moment not to hang it on the wall.  We are hoping that after a few months, he will calm down a bit and won't care about the clock chains dangling before him.  But for now, he sees them as something that must be attacked and we are afraid that he will pull the clock off the wall.

The big event of our weekend was the TWIRP dance at Peter's school.  TWIRP stands for The Lady Is Required To Pay.  Basically it's a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girl asks the guy and pays for the tickets and for dinner.

One of Peter's friends from middle school asked him and he said yes.  He went to the homecoming dance in the fall with a group of guy friends so going with a group of guys and girls was a new experience for him.

The girls planned the whole thing and after lots of adjustments to the plans and one of their mothers stepping in, it was decided that they were to meet at a local country club for pictures and then dinner. 

The mom arranged a banquet room (there were 18 in the group) and the dinner was predetermined after a lengthy group chat. The girls had paid for it ahead of time so there was no awkwardness with waiters and a bunch of 9th graders trying to figure out who was paying and how to pay.

When we got there, all the parents chatted while the kids broke off into two groups - a boy group and a girl group.  Peter knows all the kids in his class because his school is very small but he's really good friends with one of the other boys because they went to middle school together.  Peter was very happy this friend was in the group.

After all 18 kids arrived, we took all the requisite pictures and then the parents left.  The mom and dad who arranged every thing stayed because they were also helping to get all the kids to the dance after dinner.

The room they were eating in was gorgeous and dinner was served buffet style.  There were 3 large tables set up and there were waiters waiting on them.  Peter said the food was delicious. He even gave high praise to the green beans.  I wonder if there's anyway I can get that recipe!

I'm glad he was able to experience this dance with a friend.  It took all the pressure off of a dance with a date and it definitely got him out of his comfort zone.  He said he had a good time at the dance and I think even though he was a little nervous before it all started, it ended up being a good night for him.

The mom that planned the dinner even made a photo op sign.

After Mass on Sunday,  we met my family for lunch and then headed home for what I was hoping was going to be an evening of laying on the couch in my sweatpants.  But, alas, we luckily remembered that Sarah had Confirmation class so watched some Olympic coverage and then headed out for that.  While she was there, Dan and I shared an appetizer at a local restaurant and had a mini date night which was actually better than being in my sweatpants!

Have a great week!


Madeline said...

How fun for Peter! I am glad he had a nice time. I think it's very big of you to let Dan have the cuckoo clock because it brings him joy. I am sorry Wally thinks it's a toy! Probably a good idea not to give him the chance to damage it!

Billie Jo said...

Such a nice idea with the dance!
And your son looked so handsome!
Glad you enjoyed your little date too. : )

Mari said...

Both Peter and Sarah are growing too fast! Peter and his date look so nice and I'm glad they had fun. Oh Wally! Aren't cats funny?

Maria (also Bia) said...

We used to live in Germany, and during our travels my parents purchased a cute cuckoo clock for my bedroom. It drove me bonkers! The ticking was SO loud and the cuckoo cuckooed every 15 minutes. I finally had to stop it and just let it be a decoration on my wall!