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Monday, February 19, 2018

And here we are again at Monday.

Well that one flew by didn't it?

We had nothing to do on Friday evening so we ate our traditional Friday evening Lenten pasta dinner which was met with two thumbs down.  I made a "sauce" that I've made before adn I actually like - it's just garlic, chili pepper flakes and lots of evoo. 

Peter who has decided that he doesn't really ever want to eat pasta again (he's a lot like me - I can only eat angel hair or thin spaghetti) had a cheese calzone from Aldi (he loves those) and Dan and Sarah deemed the "sauce" not saucy enough.

I was eating a tomato sauce on my fake noodles so I can't weigh in on the saucy factor but I'll have to take their word for it.  They added some pesto that I had in the fridge and were content.

And after our not-so-saucy pasty dinner we watched some of the Olympics.  When we are watching, the kids will float in and out of the room, sit for a little until they get bored and then leave, and then come back in, etc.  That's kind of how I feel about the Wwinter Olympics.  Just meh.

On Saturday, Peter drove my brother to Kannapolis to run an errand with him.  They took the back roads so he didn't have to be on the highway.  He got some good driving time in and told me that Uncle Brad is a way better front seat driver than I am.  Apparently he never annoyed Peter once.  Hmmmph!

While they were gone, Dan and Sarah and I, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then ran a couple of errands.  When we got home from that I made a wine cake for Sunday dessert and then we picked up Colton and Cheyanne and headed to the Carolina Thunderbirds hockey game.

We had a blast!  In fact, we are talking about going back next weekend.

Here is the one picture I took all evening.  It is very hard to get 4 teenagers to pose for a picture for their mother/fake aunt out in public.

Please note the two sweet girls who are humoring me and the two boys who are messing with me.  Colon is doing the Thinker pose and Peter is doing his patented death metal glare/smirk.

On Sunday we went to Mass, had a delicious lunch at my parent's house and then helped Sarah with her science expo experiment.  We all had to listen to a bunch of different songs and track how often they went through our heads for the rest of the day.

Dan had a scout leader meeting and then we settled in for an evening of watching the Olympics.  Why did we waste so much time watching the practice runs for the skiers??? Why???  Was there nothing else they could have shown us?

And with that, it's Monday.  Dan is at work, the kids are still in bed, and I am off to the grocery store.  Happy President's Day everyone!  


Madeline said...

I know! Practice runs are so dull!! I feel like NBC has really missed the mark this year with what they're showing. We did watch the men's biathlon yesterday with the photo finish. I enjoy that sport anyway but it was extra exciting with that ending. Of course NBC deserves no credit for that! Sounds like a good weekend all around though. Have a good week!

Lucky as Sunshine said...

I haven't been into the olympics either.