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Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend in review and a couple of good memes from the halftime show!

Here we are at Monday once again.  I've got a good feeling about this week!  It should be normal with no bad weather, no missed school, no odd events or activities, etc. so hopefully I will be able to remember what day of the week it is each morning.  It's the little things...

Friday afternoon and evening  were peaceful with nothing to do.  Just how I like it.  Saturday was spent running a couple of errands and then I took the kids out to lunch for Mexican.  And then they both worked on homework. Sometimes you need a nice platter of ACP to get those homework juices flowing.

We headed to Mass Saturday evening because Sunday was going to be busy.  After Mass we went to Longhorn for dinner.  That's one of Peter's all time favorite restaurants and we had a gift card.  He wanted to drive from church to the restaurant.  He did a great job until it was time to park.

The parking lot was a madhouse as you can imagine on a Saturday night at 6:15. He found a space but didn't swing out enough to get into it straight and spent some time backing and trying to get into it correctly.  Unfortunately he kept turning the wheel the wrong way. 

We were both getting frustrated as people kept coming by thinking we were leaving and they were hoping to get our spot.  He wanted to know which way to turn the wheel.  I was telling him to turn it opposite of the way he was turning because what he was doing wasn't working.

I was having a hard time telling him which way to turn the wheel because I didn't know.  I knew I could do it if I was behind the wheel but I couldn't explain it to him.  Is that weird? 

Anyway,  we ended up switching spots and I whipped it in correctly in 2 seconds and explained to him that he's just going to have to get a feel for it himself because some things are very hard to explain. 

Sunday morning was supposed to be a bit crazy which is why we went to Mass on Saturday night but it ended up being a bit more calm thanks to some freezing rain. 

Sarah was scheduled to be at our church to help out at the pancake breakfast where the youth group was raising money for upcoming trips.  Sarah was working to get Confirmation service hours.  Luckily the roads were fine and I was able to get her there no  problem and she said they had a good crowd.

It was Boy Scout Sunday and Peter was scheduled to be at the church where he attends scouts to participate in that service and he was supposed to help out at a spaghetti lunch after the service.  The scouts raise a lot of money for their troop at the spaghetti lunch.  But the night before they called off the lunch and the planned scout service because they were afraid no one would come out if the roads were as icy as they were calling for.  So that made the morning a little less stressful and Peter was happily able to stay in bed.

It was so cold and dreary and wet on Sunday that all I wanted to do was veg in front of the tv.  But, alas, my stupidity made that impossible.

My brother came over on Sunday afternoon. He was going to watch the Super Bowl with us.  I was going to make pimento jack cheese toasts and meatballs.  But all morning I had been craving my jalapeno popper dip.  I had every thing I need except green chilies.  And I always have green chilies.  But not yesterday.

So my brother and I hoped in our car for a quick trip to the grocery store.  Peter came running out the door and asked me to get some ink for the printer.  So our quick trip to the grocery store turned into a longer trip to Walmart.

As I was checking out, I realized that I didn't have my debit card.  I didn't panic because I knew it had to be at Longhorn.  I called them.  They had it.  So off we went to Longhorn.  I got my card and then we finally  headed home where I whipped up the jalapeno popper dip.  The meatballs were already in the crockpot and I made the pepper jack pimento cheese the day before so I was ready to relax.

Then I realized that I forgot something else I needed and had to head back out to pick it up.  Luckily that was actually a quick trip to the grocery store so I was back home just in time to slice the baguettes, spread the pimento cheese, toast them up and bake the jalapeno popper dip just in time for the big game!

My restful afternoon was no so restful after all. 

And then there was the game.  I am glad it was a good game but unfortunately it didn't turn out the way we had hoped.  I had to have Peter  turn his phone off after the game because he was Snap Chatting with a lot of friends who aren't Patriots fans.  We had the whole "being a good winner means also knowing how to be a good loser" and "if you can't take their ribbing, then you need to back away before you sat something stupid you are going to regret in the morning because you can't take a joke" lecture.  That was quite the title for the lecture, huh?

And I was telling him that if we had to lose, at least it was to the Eagles.  The team seems to be filled with a lot of Christians who don't mind talking about their faith,  the whole situation with their quarterback getting injured and their back up having to take over, their strong coach (who seems to think a lot like Bill Belichick), etc. added up to making them a team you would actually want to pull for if they weren't playing the Patriots. 

My plan was to stay up to watch This Is Us but I just didn't have it in me. I have to mentally psych up each time I watch an episode anyway and after that stressful game I knew I couldn't enjoy the show.  And who am I kidding?  I would have fallen asleep anyway.  I recorded it and will probably watch it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay away from any and all spoilers. 

And guess what???  Dan is on a plane right now headed home!  Hopefully he will be here tonight by 9:30!

And look who's helping me blog this morning:

And also, I saw this and could not stop laughing because it was so true:

And this one:

Have a good day everyone!


Madeline said...

Did you see the Bob Ross/Justin Timberlake meme? So funny!!

Glad Dan is coming back and you got your debit card back!! Parking is the hardest thing to learn and teach I think. Bummer that the game didn't go your way. But, there's a good chance "we'll get 'em next year" actually happens for you so that's something.

Billie Jo said...

Your day sounded like mine!
I always plan to have easy things to eat so I can relax during the afternoon before the game.
Not even close! Lol
Sorry your team lost.
But it was a good game!
Glad your hubby is on his way to you.
Have a cozy afternoon!
P.S. Get the bra extenders!!!!

Kelli said...

Yay that Dan is on his way home. My husband leaves Saturday and for the next four months he will be gone just about as much as he will be home..:(
I feel like I am always in the car running a quick errand here and then there only to come home and realize I forgot something! Oh the half time show did you love it??

Gigi said...

Glad to hear Dan will be home soon. We went to a neighbor's for the Super Bowl...well, I should say The Husband went for the Super Bowl - I went to visit.

Mari said...

Trying to explain parking is so hard, and trying to park while people are waiting is even harder! Glad you finally made it home to enjoy the game. We aren't football watchers so we didn't see it.
I recorded This is Us too and am also trying to avoid spoilers. I probably won't see it until Wednesday.
Hooray for Dan coming home!

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