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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A true story to brighten your day....

So I'm a little worried about my husband.

Yesterday morning he came downstairs and asked if I had seen his car keys.  I had not but I started to look for them because I can always find everything even when my other family members claim they have looked to no avail.  (And I'm always asking if they looked with their hand as well as their eyes.  Meaning - sometimes you have to move things around to find lost items.)

I did a quick search of a few places I thought they might.  I didn't see thme and it was time for him to take the kids to school so he used my key to his car.After they left I did a more thorough search and still had no luck finding these missing keys.  Honestly, I was a little miffed because my main super power is that I can find all the lost items at the speed of light.

I knew the last time he used them was Friday night to get home from work.  I also remembered that as soon as he got home he took out his laptop and did something  for work.  While he was doing that, I had just come in from dropping Sarah off for her hockey game but had to quickly come back to get her coat and rushed Dan and Peter out so we could all drop the coat off to her and then get some dinner.  I figured the keys most likely never left the kitchen island or the surrounding area.

I checked my car, the garage, the island, our bedroom, the cabinets.  I even looked under the couches and the beds thinking that Wally might have knocked them off the island and pushed them underneath something.

I texted Dan at work telling him to look in his computer bag and he said he was also going to check his trunk because he had gotten something out of there on Friday evening.

All of this searching but we were still key-less.

Dan got home from work last night and he searched a couple of other places and then was getting ready to change his clothes.  We were taking Peter to school to watch the basketball game and Dan wasn't going to wear his work clothes.

I was out in the garage checking his trunk and car again when I heard Sarah yell to me, "Mom!  He found the keys!"

I ran into the house to find out where they had been because honestly, I was shocked that I had not found them.

"Where were they?" I asked

"In my pants pocket," he meekly replied.

Y'ALL!!!  His keys were in his pants pockets the WHOLE TIME!  ALL DAY LONG!!

And because they were in his khakis the whole time and he's from Boston and even though he doesn't have much of a Boston accent he does pronounce it like that, I just have to share this...



Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, the Cah Keys were in the Khakis?? Hilarious!!

Billie Jo said...

No way!!!!!!!!!
Too funny!
For the record...Steve can NEVER find anything! lol

Madeline said...

That is so funny! And that is exactly how my kids look for things too!

Gigi said...

Hahahahahaha! We've had instances like that - most notably including the time I lost my keys at a restaurant...turns out I left them in the ignition of the still running car. It happens to all of us.

Mari said...

Ha! That is too funny! A co-worker was telling me today that she lost her phone in the store last night. She panicked, retraced her steps, went back to the car, reported it at the front desk, and then gave up and went home, where she found it setting on the kitchen table! :)

Maria (also Bia) said...

That's funny ... like, really funny. But I can't laugh. Just today I realized I left my purse in my husband's car and by the time I realized it he was an hour away at work. So today I drove all around town --dentist, carpool -- without my purse, wallet, and driver's license.

Shhh ... don't tell anyone.

Ernie said...

Love the cartoon. So true. Last year Coach and I were at the school golf outing. He was going out of town the next day and when he went to pack he freaked out because he couldn't find his wedding ring. He took it off to golf. I told him to pack. He was very tired and stressed and had been golfing with the guys all day. He had enjoyed a few adult beverages. I stood in my kitchen and retraced his steps. (he insisted that he brought it in from the car). He put down his work bag and Reggie was standing there begging him to look at his report card. I found the ring in the bottom of his work/computer bag. That ring would've been lost for years, if I wasn't on my A game. (Yes, I drove us home, wink, wink).