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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


If you will recall, I went to the doctor recently to have a lump looked at on my shoulder.  The doctor  said it was a lipoma and could be left alone or could be removed.  I decided to just leave it alone.

While there, I had her look at a small cyst on the bridge of my nose.  This cyst has been there approximately two years so I wasn't worried about it per se but I thought I would get her opinion on it while I was there.

She suggested that I have a plastic surgeon remove it since it was so close to my eye and if it grew more then it could cause problems down the road.

Yesterday was my appointment at with him.  How sad that I was going to see a plastic surgeon about a cyst on my eye when I really wanted to talk to him about Botox and liposuction and perhaps a tummy tuck.  Oh well....

When I was talking with the nurse she mentioned that my chart from my PCP also noted a lump on my back and did I want the doctor to look at it while I was there.

"Nope.  I do not  because I am leaving it alone."

The doctor came in and looked at the cyst between my eye and nose and said, "Hmmmmmm...."


"This might be a skin cancer.  We need to biopsy this."


So, he stuck a needle into the cyst to numb it.  Surprisingly this did not hurt at all.  What was bothersome was that my eye was numb for the next hour and I couldn't blink it without a lot of effort.  It's a very strange sensation when your right eye is blinking and your left one is frozen.

Anyway, he then proceeded to remove a little bit of the cyst to send across the street to the pathology office.  And then he put one stitch in the cyst.  And, I have to wear a tiny band aid covering this stitch until NEXT WEDNESDAY when I go back to have the ONE STITCH removed.


I guess this is one time wearing glasses comes in handy as it makes the tape a little less noticeable.

Then he said, " It says in your chart you have a lump on your back.  Let me look at that while you are here."

"No, that's okay.  It's just a lipoma.  I'm just going to leave it alone."

"Are you sure you don't want me to look at it while you are here?"

"FINE!  Just look at the damn thing!"

Okay.  I didn't say that last part but I was thinking it.

So he looked at it and "strongly suggested" removing it based on the fact that if it grows (and he said it probably will) I will want it removed and that will be move difficult as it gets bigger because you risk it growing into the muscle on my back. 


So, I am currently waiting for the pathology report to see if removing the cyst is going to be simple or a little more involved. If it's cancerous he will have to remove more to get clear margins.  And after talking to Dan, we have decided to go ahead and have the lipoma removed. So I guess I've got a fun little surgery coming.


On the bright side, I guess I wont have to worry about getting a back bra!

And because I don't like to have a post with no photo...

Here's Wally sound asleep in the letter tray on my desk again. I really do need to get him a little bed and I really do need to clean my office!


Madeline said...

But if you buy Wally a bed he won't use it. He likes his letter tray.

And I am so sorry that you have to have surgery(s)! What a pain. I will be praying your cyst is not skin cancer!!

Billie Jo said...

Prayers for you all around, dear friend.
And snuggle that little kitty for me, would you???

Suburban Correspondent said...

Middle age is so much fun, isn't it?

Pam said...

I know it's hard. And nobody likes medical things..including this girl..but yeah, get it removed. You will feel better just having it gone. Also.I love your kitty. Thank you for posting his pic. :)

Gigi said...

The older you get - the more they find, it seems. Sending good thoughts about both the surgery and the cyst.

Mari said...

Oh man! Not what you wanted to do, but good to have it taken care of. Praying it all goes well. And I always love seeing Wally!