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Friday, February 2, 2018

Driving, Bras, and a Cat Photo

Sweet Friday, oh how I love thee!  It always feels like such a victory when we make it here!

Peter wanted to drive to school this morning.  He's doing really well with his driving and I'm trying to do better with my not freaking out.  I was a little hesitant because of rush hour but the route to Sarah's school is very straightforward.  However, there are a lot of stop lights and a lot of people rushing to get to work so I was a little nervous. But I'm always a little nervous when he's driving.

I did what I always do and said a prayer for protection and off we went.  And he did great.  HOWEVER, I got yelled at!  We were approaching a stop light and it turned yellow right at that critical moment where you either need to gun it or immediately start applying your brakes.

Peter decided to stop which I think was the right thing to do for him although more experienced drivers would have  gone through.  But my problem was that he did not apply the brakes fast enough or hard enough and at the rate we were going he definitely would have stopped but it would have been in the middle of the intersection.

So I did what any mother would do and I yelled, "STOP! STOP!"  And he stopped and then HE started yelling at ME.  And then Sarah started yelling at him for yelling at me and then we finally made it to school.  I'm not cut out for this and Dan really just needs to get home so he can do all the driving with Peter.

On a completely different note because there is absolutely no way I can segue from Peter driving to this, I went bra shopping last week and as usual nothing fit.  If the cup fit the straps and band were too tight and vice versa.  So I finally did what my Facebook feed suggested and I ordered a bra from Third Love.  

I took their Fit Finder Quiz and came up with the same size I currently wear, paid the bill, and kept my fingers crossed.  The bra arrived quickly and I excitedly put it on.  The cups fit perfectly.  No gaps, not too tight - perfection.  But the straps were tight and the band was too tight around the top of my ribs.  And unfortunately both were maxed out.  I could only make them tighter not looser.

So I went to their website and printed off a label for free shipping back and filled out a questionnaire so they could send a different size. Once the post office alerted them that they had the return, I got another email asking a few more detailed questions about the fit of the bra and I responded. 

Unfortunately their response back was that I needed a bra size that they don't currently make BUT they would pass on this information to their design team and if they ever made a bra that size they would let me know.  And then they processed my refund.


So it's back to the store to spend hours trying to find a bra that fits.  And by "fits" I mean "fits okay" because I have searched high and low my whole life for a nice-fitting comfortable bra and it doesn't exist for me.  Do any of you have any suggestions?

And with that, I've got some bills to pay and a few things to accomplish around the house before I head back to school to work Teacher Lunch Out.  Our school always closes Catholic Schools Week with a big luncheon for the teachers and the parents take over the classes while it's going on.

Have a great weekend!

And because a blog post without pictures doesn't show up anywhere here's a random and rare photo.  Both cats are actually together and NOT attacking one other.  I had to document this occasion because typically they are fighting like cats and dogs.  However, I'm starting to think we need to change that old adage and just say they are fighting like cats...


Billie Jo said...

You have no idea!!!!
Thank you for writing about your bra issues...
I literally thought I was the only one that has this exact problem!
I am dealing with the stupid tight around my rib thing right now.
So I ordered some bra extenders from Amazon.
I think that should help.
Have a nice weekend, my friend.

Gigi said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one with bra issues! My latest favorite is Olga. When that one started creeping up my back, I googled it and was told to use the next (tighter) fastener - and it worked.

Madeline said...

Bras are the worst. Bra shopping is no ones friend. Have a great weekend with those cats of yours!

Mari said...

Oh boy - I remember those driving days. I think that's about when I started seeing gray hairs pop up!
And bra shopping is about as much fun as driving with a new driver!

Shannon said...

I went to Nordstrom and was properly sized, and while the bra was expensive, it was an amazing experience!!

Ernie said...

I wore my last couple of bras for 9 years - they were thread barren. I remember it well, because it was time to get a real bra when I was done nursing Curly. She just turned 10, and I nursed her for a year. Math genius that I am. As much as I hate Victoria Secret, they did a decent job of fitting me. Good luck!

We've already told Tank that he won't be driving when he is 16. No can do.

Pam said...

I tried some on at Victoria's Secret once. They were overpriced but they fit very well. i didn't get them because the underwire squeaked when I moved. Awk! I couldn't be in the car when my daughter drove. Stressed. me OUT. (and now she doesn't drive, so that's that) I love your kitty pics. They always make my day.

Lea said...

Definitely not looking forward to my kiddos driving! I highly dislike driving as it is, so that will be something I'll gratefully hand off to my husband!

Have you been properly fitted for a bra? Many department and lingerie stores offer it for free so it might be worth it. You may need to go up a band size and down a cup (they're actually related to the band size so a large band size may mean you need a smaller cup) or the other way around, though if the band is too tight its sounds like up is the better option. Either way - good luck! Bra shopping is not for the faint of heart, for sure!