Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lots of tape was used in the making of this post!

Sarah's at a weekend long camping sleepover celebrating one of her friend's birthdays.  This friend loves Barbies so Sarah was elated to find a Barbie with a tent and some camping accessories.

When it was time to wrap the present, Sarah insisted that she wrap it.  Alone.

So I decided to let her do it herself.  It took almost 20 minutes but she did it.

She's working so hard she's got her little tongue sticking out!

The finished product!

She used tape.  A lot of tape!
She did it all by herself and was so proud when she was done.  Lots of love (and lots of tape!) went into wrapping this gift. 

Maybe when she's a little older she will let her engineer of a father show her the right way to do it.  He's a great gift wrapper. 

But for now, this will do just fine!


Mari said...

That is so sweet! Good job Sarah!

Grandma T said...

And all it takes for a job that all in the way she holds that precious little tongue!!