Monday, November 21, 2011

Imagination Station

The kids got out of school early on Thursday and were out on Friday for teacher conferences and all I can say is "I can't believe it's Monday already!"

The conferences went well.  Both kids are doing great at their new school.  Peter is "very intelligent" but needs to "focus a little more" and "talk a little less".  All of these were things I knew.

Sarah is "curious" and "keeps the teacher laughing".  Apparently Sarah asks her teacher questions all day starting even before school starts!  What?  That's interesting.  I never would have guessed that! 

The teacher said she didn't mind and that she likes to joke with Sarah about her curiosity.  Hopefully curiosity doesn't kill the cat!

When I got up on Saturday morning, there was an email from the mom of one of Sarah's classmates.  She was asking if Sarah and 2 other girls from the class would come for a sleepover - that night.  THAT NIGHT! 

Who invites someone they don't know for a sleepover THAT SAME NIGHT?!  I declined on the sleepover, Sarah had ball practice that night anyway and I don't know this family yet.  But they did say that if the little girls couldn't make it for the sleepover THAT SAME NIGHT, they were also invited on Sunday afternoon to a party at Celebration Station.

Sarah had been talking all week about being invited to a party at Imagination Station so I assumed this is what she was referring to.  I knew she really wanted to go and since we had a good 24 hours lead time on this party, I let her go. 

Although at first, I didn't want to let her go, partially because I figured we were being invited last minute because someone else who was invited several weeks ago had to back out at the last minute.

But in the end, I'm glad I let her go because she had a blast.  She went on an on about all the fun things they did which led to Peter getting upset because all he got to do was "spend the whole afternoon at home with mom and dad" and "why does Sarah get to go to all the fun parties"?

To which I can only answer, "I don't know.  Maybe it's because she's curious and keeps the teacher laughing?"


dr_fomsky said...

You know it's funny but I gt a similar report about my son recently: he needed to focus more. Maybe it's just a boy thing. *chuckle*
I'm glad you let Sarah go. It's good to let them have fun sometimes.

RR Mama said...

Glad Sarah had a great time. I get that to from my younger son when the older one gets to go and do things. One day they will get to go and their sibling will be stuck with "us". Happy Thanksgiving!