Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jenga! Jenga! Jenga!

We had some time before time to put the kids to bed the other night so we decided to play Jenga.

I love Jenga.  It is very simple, little kids can play, and because it is relatively fast moving, it doesn't bore me.  But mostly I like it because there aren't a lot of rules to keep up with. 

We had lots of family fun until the very end. Because ,of course, there was a winner and a loser.  There were accusations of taunting and of gloating. There were raised voices and hot tears.

And then it was bedtime.  And lucky for the kids, because if it wasn't already bedtime, it would have been early bedtime.


Jennifer said...

I just seen Jenga for sale in the center isle at Meijer's today and was thinking about snagging it. Maybe I will have to next time.

deborah said...

Games without a lot of rules are nice! My son loves to win and is not a very gracious loser when we play games. I'm not always sure how to teach him how to be a good loser...a competitiveness can be good if directed in the right way and of course everything is more intense when you're a child. I like the coloring of your pics.

Grandma T said...

And a good time was had by all....even the tears and raised voices...such good memories.

And, I too, like the color of your pictures.

Have a blessed day!!