Thursday, August 25, 2016

The reno. A quick update with a few during photos.

Several people have asked for a kitchen reno update.  We are still in the thick of things so there are no pretty after pictures to show at the moment.  Just a few before and during photos.

We are 4 and a half weeks in and it's going as I expected - slow.  They are pretty much on schedule but when your house is a hot mess all you want is for it to be done!  So even though I knew it was going to be the end of September until it's all completed, I really want to snap my fingers and have it done.

All the hardwoods are down in the entire downstairs.  They are dusty and dirty and covered with paper at the moment otherwise I would show you.  They are going to look good but they are a hot mess right now.  And there's really no need for me to clean them at this point because, y'all the dust!  I wasn't aware of the magnitude of dust and general construction debris there would be.  Silly me for not realizing this because the entire downstairs is literally a construction zone.

The wall between the kitchen and dining room is gone:

And here it is now from a different angle from the first picture.  This is looking from what used to be the kitchen into what used to be the dining room.

 And this is the view from what used to be the dining room into what used to be the kitchen.

Also,  the entrance to the little hallway that went to the guest bedroom and bathroom has been shifted a little to the right to make more room from the new sink/stove area:

We are doing this because we are changing the kitchen window and making it smaller and putting a sink in front of it and a stove on the wall we just extended.  I'm hopeful that they will have the new windows in by the end of this week or early next week.  And in order to make this work they are having to shift the door to the outside down as well.

In the above picture, the window/door area will become three smaller windows with a sink in front of it and the door will shift down to the spot where the first window behind the couch is.

The entire downstairs is a huge mess now and it will be until the end of September.  And I'm just hoping and praying that the new kitchen is highly functional and very pretty otherwise my family will never let me hear the end of it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of School!

School started on Monday!  The summer flew by and the last few weeks have been a little crazy due to the kitchen reno.  The kids were excited to see their friends but not very excited with the prospect of earlier bedtimes and much earlier wake up times!

Here are a couple of pictures of my 7th grader and my 8th grader!

I'm praying for a great year for these kiddos and I'm praying that we enjoy this last year with both of them together at Our Lady of Mercy. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Seven Quick Takes

It's Friday so let's do some Quick Takes!

1.  Next week is our last week of summer vacation.  In fact, this week, I had two PTO meetings and we all kept saying how we couldn't believe summer was over already.  I laugh at the old me who could not get through summer fast enough and now, I'm wishing we had a few more weeks of nothing to do.  Although, we still have plenty to do.  Sarah has a doctor's appointment, Peter has an orthodontist consult (a better mom would have planned this for earlier in the summer so that any braces could have been put on over the summer, but I guess I'm not that mom), and Dan is still away on his business trip.

2. The reno is moving along slowly but surely but the end of September can not get here fast enough for me.  I hate to wish time away (especially seeing as how fast it's going these days) but I'm ready to have the downstairs back again.  We've been eating dinner at my mom's in the evening and that's been nice.  I'm very thankful that they live next door, otherwise I'm sure we would be eating out a lot!

3.  Colton and Cheyanne spent the night last night because Peter reminded me that summer was almost over and there had been zero sleepovers so far.  At what age do kids stop doing sleepovers?  I'm pretty sure that by middle school I was done with them.  But honestly, Colton and Cheyanne are more like cousins to Peter and Sarah and I guess you are never to old to have a sleepover with your cousins!

4.  And speaking of sleepovers, Sarah will be heading to one tomorrow night.  One of her friends from school is leaving and she's having a big sleepover with lots of girls so Sarah is excited.  This girl also always has a big sleepover every year for her birthday.  All I can say is God bless her mom.  I think having 2 girls over is a big sleepover.  For them it's 6 or 8 every time.  I just can't do it.  That's too much giggling and screeching for me.

5. I'm probably going to take the kids to a movie next week.  Any good ones out there for the middle school set?  I'm thinking Bad Moms probably isn't appropriate although that's what I'd like to see.

6.  Speaking of seeing things....I'm going to see Jim Gaffigan this weekend!  I'm pretty excited although I will have to say I'm a little bummed that Dan isn't going to be here. We haven't had a date night in ages and honestly its looking like one might not happen until October!   My brother offered to go with me but his plans have changed so I'm going with my BFF instead. It should be a good show!

7.  And finally, a picture of my lunch yesterday because that's really all I've got.

It was so yummy.  Just diced tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, balsamic, and salt and pepper.

And speaking of tomatoes...I have been in no mood to actually can salsa or spaghetti sauce yet because, well, no kitchen and honestly not having a downstairs has gotten me all out of sorts.  But, ripe tomatoes wait for no man so I have taken a ton of them (and by a ton, I mean 6 or 7 grocery bags full) over to my mom's house and skinned and seeded them.  And then I put them all in the freezer.  When the kids are back in school and I have a whole day of not taking anyone anywhere, I plan to can those bad boys.

Have a great weekend y'all and don't forget to visit Kelly for more Quick Takes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cape Cod 2016

Our time at the Cape last week was wonderful as always.  It was a little shorter than we like but due to Dan's work schedule it was then or nothing so we gladly went.

Here are a bunch of  pictures from our trip.

We took a nice bike ride on The Nauset Trail with scenic views along the way. 

And at the end of the bike trail was Coast Guard Beach so we had to take a swim!

We also visited the Eastham Windmill and heard a lot of great history on the windmill from the old timer that was working there.  He was full of knowledge and had a great sense of humor!

We took the kids go-cart racing one night!

We also visited the Whydah Pirate Museum.  It's a new museum that highlights the adventures of Sam Bellamy and has all the treasures that they've pulled up from his wrecked ship so far.  It was an excellent museum and I would recommend it if you are visiting West Yarmouth and are interested in pirates.  It is more for adults than kids though.  I think little kids would be totally bored there but we all found it very interesting and informative.

And of course the Whydah Museum is conveniently located right next to Captain Parker's so we had to go have lunch there! It you like clam chowder and you're on the Cape - Captain Parker's is the place to go!

Dan' Uncle Bob was able to spend a few days with us at the Cape.  We worked on a 1000 piece puzzle during the week and he was instrumental in helping us finish!

One day, the boys went to visit the Cape Cod Maritime Museum and Sarah and I walked through all the shops in Hyannis and ate some yummy cupcakes.  (She and I don't love museums as much as they do!)

We visited Gray's Beach one foggy morning and it was really beautiful.  The tide was out and the marshes were just gorgeous.

Peter earned his kayaking merit badge at Boy Scout camp this summer and insisted that we go kayaking.  So we did!  I was impressed at how quickly Sarah picked it up and quite unimpressed with how horrible I was!

We also visited the Cape Cod Inflatable Park again this year.  The kids loved it!

And of course, we played in the water a lot!!!

And that's a wrap!  Cape Cod 2016 is in the books!  Can't wait until next year!!