Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It’s over.

Baseball season is finally over.

After this first wonderful game, it went downhill.  And fast.

The team was called the Braves and my husband and I affectionately referred to them as the Bad News Braves.  Because after their first game, they never won another one. 

There are lots of reasons why the Braves weren’t as good as the other teams in the league: no one on the Braves had ever played modified tee-ball before, the kids were younger and smaller than most of the kids on the other teams, a lot of our practices got rained out, and we had several kids that would not listen to the coach.

For the first half of the season, after every loss, Peter would look up at me with his big brown eyes and ask me if I was mad at him for losing.

I was finally able to convince him that I wasn’t mad. 

Before every game, I told him I just wanted him to do his best.  To keep his eye on the ball at all times.  And to have fun.  And I kept stressing the fun part. 

Because after all, it’s really just a game.  And if he isn’t having fun then he shouldn’t be doing it.

But Peter is a pleaser and I think he felt that Dan and I wanted him to play ball.  (Which we did and do.) And I think he felt he would be letting us down if he didn’t.

There were many afternoons when I had to practically drag Peter to practice and the whole time he was complaining, “I’m not playing again next year!”

But as soon as he saw his trophy at the end of the year party, he declared, “I want to play Fall Ball AND Spring Ball!”

He has two weeks to decide about Fall Ball before we have to sign up.  And as much as I hope he decides to play, I’ve got a feeling he’ll change his mind by then.

The excitement of receiving the tall trophy, the thrill of making some great plays at third base in the last few games, and the charge that comes from running across home plate will be distant memories in two weeks when I remind him of sign-ups.

I’m sure he’ll shrug and say “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to play.”  

And I’ll be ok with that.

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Jaina said...

I love baseball season...but I know my mom is always glad when it's over. I hope he continues playing baseball...it's such a great sport. It gets better too as the kids get older and a little more organized. :)

Mari said...

We went through a year like that with our son. It does make it tough to enjoy it, even when you really aren't playing for the winning aspect. It's nice to have an occasional win!

Denise said...

Sorry you did not have a very good season sweetie.

Nap Warden said...

Awww...We are not at the baseball stage yet, but it sounds a bit stressful for him...

Momisodes said...

Aw, bless his heart. You are such a good mom for supporting him and whatever he decides.

RR Mama said...

We are still knee deep in baseball. Our tourney isn't until July 4th! I know how you feel. R8 played on a team during regular season that only had three kids including him that had ever played ball before. I just kept telling him do your best and make this a fun season! He had fun and worked hard. Now we are into All-Stars. Love the pictures! Little man is to cute!!!

Wendy said...

You must have had practice on Thursday nights too! I wanted Ethan to play regular T Ball this year so he would learn some good basic skills and hopefully be ready for Modified T Ball next spring. Thanks to all the rain and some scheduling issues for the coach we had maybe three or four practices all season. For us the games were practice so it's probably a good idea they don't keep score in regular T Ball!