Monday, June 1, 2009

Miracle Monday

It's Miracle Monday!

I would like to tell you about a miracle that happened in Mari's life.

About 6 weeks ago, Mari began having trouble with her voice. It would crack as she was singing and gradually began to crack all the time. People were asking her what was wrong with her voice.

She went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who determined that she had a large growth on her vocal cords and a smaller one on the back of her throat. She was going to need surgery which was scheduled for May 26th.

She immediately asked her friends, family, coworkers and a small group of people from church to begin praying for her. Her voice began to improve. She called the specialist who had her come back into the office for another larygoscope.

He was surprised to report that the large growth was 1/10th of the size that it had been two weeks earlier just prior to everyone praying for her.

Her surgery was cancelled! And yet another doctor was amazed at the power of prayer!

If you want to share a miracle or an answered prayer it's easy. Write a post on your blog and leave the link to the post (not the link to your main page) here with Mr. Linky. And be sure to mention my blog and URL in your post.

And don't forget, Victoria is starting a new meme at her blog, Let The Son Shine In. Her meme is called Miracles in the Mundane. Head over there to see what she's doing!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such a precious miracle.

Victoria said...

What an awesome story of God's goodness!

Mari said...

Thanks for sharing my story! I think it's amazing!

He And Me + 3 said...

What an awesome God we serve.

Jaina said...

What a wonderful miracle. I love stories like this. :)