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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Another weekend update....

On Friday, the kids had field day.  I know, most other schools do field day at the end of the year, but our school does it early.  And I actually like it.  It promotes bonding within the grades (the  grades compete against each other) and it's another day early in the year where the Freshman can spend more time getting to know each other.

Both Peter and Sarah had a great time and I enjoyed looking for updates and video on Facebook and Instagram.  And, they were both extra happy that they had early dismissal at 1:00!  Field day for the win! It was a great way to kick off the long weekend.

Friday night was a home football game so we all went to that.  I enjoyed catching up with some of the other parents and the kids had fun cheering on their team.  Plus, we got a victory so that made it even better! 

And I guess all that field day bonding really worked because Sarah spent much of the rest of the weekend explaining to me who asked who (whom?) to the Homecoming Dance and who said yes, who said no, and who retracted their invites and caused all sorts of upheaval.

This is such a change from last year, when I never got a word about anything out of Peter.  Now I'm getting a lot of information (about people who I don't know and I don't know the difference between  Emily, Erin. Evelyn, and Emma  yet so mom needs to get with the program!) and I can't keep up!

On Saturday, the boys mowed the yard and Sarah and I did laundry and other exciting things around the house and then we grilled out for dinner.  Dan and I also picked a bunch of Thai chili's from the garden and Dan proceeded to string them all up so we can dry them and then crush them up.

On Sunday, we went to Mass, lunch at my parent's house and then Dan and I went shopping. Dan has lost a ton of weight since the beginning of spring by following a low carb diet and he needed some new shorts.  We headed to Kohl's a got him several items from the clearance rack. We then headed to Trader Joe's and he got me the prettiest red gerbera  daisies!

On Monday, we headed to Greensboro and had lunch at Hops Burger Bar (excellent hamburgers!) and then visited the Bog Garden.  It's a park with 7 acres of wetlands with raised walking trails.  It was a really nice walk/hike and then we headed to Dairy Queen for some Blizzards!

My parents grilled a ton of wings and gave us a bunch and we devoured them for dinner and then just like that, it's Tuesday!   Sarah starts swimming tonight so she is very excited!  Her classes  are at a different Y (much closer to our house) and that has me excited!  I always used to dread the drive to the other location. 

And now it's time to start checking things off of the giant to-do list that I created last week.  Just getting everything down on paper felt good so I am hoping that actually crossing some items off will feel even better!


Mari said...

I like the idea of Field Day at the beginning of the year too.
Boys and girls are so different. My girls always shared much more than my son too. It's nice!

Madeline said...

Well this gives me hope that when Meredith starts kindergarten I will get to know more about it. Christopher doesn't give me anything to go on. Glad you had such a fun weekend together!!

Ernie said...

That is funny about Sarah filling you in on the scoop vs Peter being tight lipped. I never heard of anyone saying no to a homecoming invitation, or rescinding. At our school most of the kids go with their friends in a big group, which takes the pressure off. So you live near Greensboro? We flew there in early August to look at Wake Forest with Eddie. He loved it! Greensboro is also hosting the world championships of Irish dancing over spring break this year.