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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 37

It's Thursday so I thought I better bust out my thankful list!

1.  It's my birthday!  Happy 49 years of life to me!  I was emailing my oldest friend this morning and mentoned that I still feel 21 so I'm always shocked when I look in the mirror and wonder who the old, wrinkley, pudgey face string back at me is!

2. Dan's birthday was yesterday.  Very thankful for him and so glad that he's still around - especially considering that he is ancient at the rip old age of 52!  :)

3.  Speaking of Dan, he's been in Switzerland this week but he should be home tonight.  I'm praying that he gets home before all of the rain we are expecting arrives.

4.  Speaking of rain and Hurricane Florence, I am very thankful that she has been downgrading and is moving more south of us.  We should still get a lot of high winds and rain but not nearly as bad as they were predicting earlier in the week. I'm still praying though for a miracle and that she will stall and vanish.  That would be a miracle and if it does happen, you heard it here first! 

5.  Thankful for a little elf that held on to and delivered my birthday card from Dan.  It was waiting on me when I came down to make my coffee at oh dark thirty this morning.

6. I spent 4 hours yesterday with my girl shopping for a dress to wear to the homecoming dance.  Even though we were not successful (she tried on at least 25 dresses) but I still  enjoyed spending time with her and I'm hoping that the rain isn't so bad that we can try another mall in another town this weekend.   (I was hoping that shopping for a homecoming dress with absolutely no restrictions would be easier than shopping for a dress for a dance at a conservative Catholic middle school.  It was not.)

7.  I'm thankful that I still have a week until she needs the dress.  (This is me trying to be positive!)

8.  Mani/pedi's.  I'm always thankful for a fresh one and I treated myself to one this morning in honor of my birthday!

9. Schedule changes.  Even though he missed the cutoff by one day - I'm very thankful for an administration that let him make a much needed schedule change.  Whew!  Alllllllllll the praise hands!

10. In advance of Hurricane Florence, school is cancelled tomorrow!  And while I'm not excited about all the wind and rain, I am thankful the kids can sleep in and catch up on homework and maybe if it's not to bad a little dress shopping!

And that's just a few of the many things I'm thankful for this week.  What are you thankful for?


Madeline said...

Happy birthday!! I am so glad the hurricane will miss you! Fingers crossed and a prayer that dress shopping round 2 is successful.

Gigi said...

Happy Birthday! And a belated one to Dan! Adding my prayers to yours that Florence just vanishes. I'm worried about the people on the coast and us. I heard on the radio today that when Matthew came through 26 people died. Only 3 of them were on the coast; the rest were pretty far inland. I know one of the local shopping center's boarded up windows yesterday. In the 24 years we've lived here I have NEVER seen anyone in this area boarding up windows for a hurricane.

Maria (also Bia) said...

Happy belated birthday to you and your husband! And good luck shopping for a homecoming dress this weekend ...