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Monday, September 24, 2018

HOCO 2018 Pictures!

This weekend went by in a blur!

We attended the football game on Friday night and our team won by a landslide. (Honestly, it would have been better if the game was closer.  Winning by a large margin just means you feel bad about winning and you feel equally  bad for the other team.)

On Saturday, Sarah got up early (for her) and her bestie Cheyanne came over to do her nails.  Cheyanne did a great job on Sarah's toenails and fingernails.  In fact, she did such a great job that I am considering hiring her myself! 

Sarah curled her hair by herself because I've got no skills and also applied her own make up because I've got no skills and before we knew it, it was time to pick up her date and head to the botanical gardens for pictures.

There were about 30 kids in the group Sarah was going with so pictures were kind of chaotic.  We waited for everyone to get there and many of the parents were meeting each other for the first time.  I only knew two of the other kids in this group so there was a lot of handshaking and being introduced to people whose names I've already forgotten.

Then the kids broke off into pairs so parents could capture the exchanging of flowers and then after that was done, we had to do group pictures.  None of my pictures are that great.  There was one dad there that is a semi-professional photographer but I don't know him and I didn't get a chance to talk to him so I don't even know his name to stalk his facebook page.  Oh well.  I guess the pictures I took will have to do.

After pictures, the kids went to dinner and then then dance.  Sarah texted me at the end of the night that she had a great time and by the sounds of it yesterday, her first homecoming dance was a success!

On Sunday we drove to Greensboro and picked her up from her sleepover and headed to church and then lunch. (Dan and I said that we have been to Greensboro more in the last week than we have in the last 10 years!)  And then I came home and took a nap, watched the Panthers game, and then the Patriots game and just like that it's Monday again!

Here are some of the pictures we took of my sweet Sarah, her friend Oscar, and the rest of her HOCO 2018 crew!


Billie Jo said...

She looks stunning!
I bet she had a blast.
Good for you Mom!!!
And...looks as if we won't have to worry about a Steelers vs. Patriots Superbowl!

Madeline said...

She is so lovely! I am glad it was a successful weekend for everyone.

Mari said...

I love her dress! She looks adorable!
Glad they had fun.

Gigi said...

She looks so great! I'm glad she had a great time.

That game was ridiculous. We popped by it for the first quarter and were stunned when we heard the final score. Man-Child said the other team's coach had the ability to call the game much earlier but refused. I felt so bad for that team.