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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 38

Thankful Thursday - let's go!

1. Very thankful the hurricane did little to no damage here and just left us with a lot of rain.  I continue to pray for those on the coast of N.C. that weren't so lucky.

2. I'm very thankful that we found a dress and matching shoes for the dance this weekend.  Sarah's super excited.  I'm just a little nervous that her heels are going to be a little too high,.  They are chunky though so hopefully she can walk without falling.  She's been practicing! 

3. My bestie (who I'm always thankful for!) gifted me with a Target gift card AND a Starbucks gift card AND flowers on my birthday.  She knows me too well!

4.  Look at the gorgeous Hearth and Hand (thanks Jojo and Jennifer!) pitcher that I got at Target on CLEARANCE for half off!!!  (And check out the bush clippings I put inside of it.)  Thankful for clearance merch and FREE greenery!

5.  Tomorrow is officially fall so I guess I'll start decorating.Feels like everyone else has been drinking pumpkin spice lattes and decorating for fall since August.   Thankfully the weather has been warm and sunny here (my favorite) except for the rainy hurricane weather and it just didn't seem right to start bringing out all the orange and yellow yet.  So, maybe this weekend...

6. So many people in the state are without power due to the storm so it's a great reminder to be thankful for something that I take for granted all the time.

7. Early morning rainbows!  Peter spotted this one the other morning before leaving for school!  I love a good rainbow.

8.  Porch time with my parents.  Last night, we had no activities, Dan was home from work at a reasonable time(before 7), dinner was done at a reasonable time (before 7:30), and we sat on the front porch with my parents.  Rocking chairs make me happy and so does spending time with the old folks! 😊  Just kidding mom - you guys aren't old - just OLDER than me!  💙

9. I'm thankful for sugar free mocha syrup at Starbucks.  Now I can get a cup of coffee (the Casi Ceilo is so good) with a couple of pumps of the syrup and heavy cream and have a low carb, cheap drink from Starbucks!  

What are you thankful for this week?


Madeline said...

It is 90 with crazy humidity today and we even had an early release from school! BUT tomorrow it's actually supposed to be a little chilly so maybe Fall will arrive right on time? This is an excellent thankful list full of family and friendship, all the good stuff!

Gigi said...

SO thankful we have had so little damage! Definitely praying for those on the coast.

Mari said...

I love, love, love that pitcher! The rainbow is so pretty too.

Billie Jo said...

Beautiful Thankfuls, my friend.
Especially the time on the porch. : )
Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!