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Friday, September 21, 2018

It's the big weekend!

This is the weekend!  The homecoming game is tonight! We are playing Christ the King from Huntersville. 

There will be food trucks in the parking lot before the game, a band will be playing, and there will be a middle school mash-up.  (The area Catholic middle school kids are invited to come to the game for free and there will be a rock climbing wall, games, etc. for them to play so they can mingle and get to know one another and hopefully decide that they want to come to Bishop.)

And then, of course, the homecoming dance is tomorrow night.

Sarah's friend, Oscar, whom she has known since she started at Our Lady of Mercy in 2nd grade asked her a couple of weeks ago to go to the dance with him.  And that started all the crazy.  Almost immediately upon the start of school, the freshman class started talking about the dance and once there were some "couples" friends began forming groups to go to dinner together before the dance.

And then the group chats were set up so that everyone can keep up with the planning and what's going on with the group.  Sarah said there are THIRTY FIVE people in her group.  Y'all, I'm not going to lie - that makes my head spin. 4 weeks ago she didn't even know these people and now 35 of them are going to the dinner together before the dance.

Sarah has kept me abreast with what's going on in the group chat and I'm a wee bit nervous.  They have decided to meet at a botanical garden in Greensboro for pictures before dinner. (I'm certain that every other group will be there too taking pictures.) They chose a place for dinner but because of the size of the reservation (um, 35!) they ultimately decided to change to a different restaurant.  I'm hoping this one can actually handle a reservation that big.  The other place sounded like they were discouraging the group. 

There have been two girls in charge of this and I'm hoping and praying their moms have been helping them as well.  I don't know any of the people in Sarah's group (other than Oscar and another friend from OLM, Jorge) and thus don't know any of the moms so I'm just hoping that everything is going to go as planned. 

Sarah assures me that we just have to get her to the garden for pictures and then to the restaurant and that several other parents have agreed to drive (35!) kids to the dance.  (I will be making sure this is the case before I leave her at the restaurant.) AND - there's a sleepover after the dance with some of her new friends so I need to meet that mom and confirm that they will in fact be picking up the sleepover girls from the dance and taking them to the sleepover.  AND - that means Sunday morning we will need to pick Sarah up from this house in Greensboro before Mass and most likely go to mass in Greensboro since we won't make it back to Holy Family in time.  (This is when being Protestant and not going to church every Sunday would come in handy!)  😁

I'm sure you all have heard about promposals where a guy (at a minimum) makes a clever sign and brings it to school to ask a girl to the prom.  I've read about more extravagant promposals but thankfully those don't seem to be a thing here.

Apparently all the guys in Sarah's group asked the girls in person or some over a text and after the girls said yes gave them a sign.  According to Sarah one of her new friends volunteered to make all the signs for the guys.  They just needed to tell her what they wanted the sign to say and then she got to work. (What a nice girl!)

Oscar gave Sarah this sign and it's the cutest thing:

It says:  "Flowers are the second prettiest thing.  Can I take the first to HOCO?"

And he gave her a bouquet of red roses.  Aren't they cute couple?!  Sarah assures me that they are just friends but I don't know....

We've got a busy weekend planned.  I'm hoping for no rain and no problems with
pictures/dinner/dance/sleepover/mass.  And that Sarah has a great time!


Billie Jo said...

And so it begins!!!!
Homecomings and Winter Formals and Proms with a daughter!!!
I remember it well!
Enjoy, dear passes in the blink of an eye.
What a sweet way to ask your girl.
They are a cute couple...of friends... : )
Anyway, I will be thinking of you tonight.
She will be lovely!

Madeline said...

How exciting!! I hope Sarah has a great time and it's not too stressful for you.

Gigi said...

Those gardens are "the" place to have pictures taken now. And the grounds are absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't wonder too much about the couple, odds are they are just friends for now.

As for the planning, I'm fairly certain it's well in hand. Girls, it seems to me, seem to be a lot more organized and on top of things when it comes to socializing. Boys in my experience just fly by the seat of their pants.

Mari said...

That sign is so cute! Fun and busy times ahead!