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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 35

Oh my gosh.  Is it really already Thursday again and I haven't posted anything since LAST Thursday?  Somebody needs to get her act together!

Here are just a few of the many things I'm thankful for this week:

1.  Carpool - last week I had to drive to and from the high school two times a day for three days in a row and let me tell you what - it took a lot of time and a lot of gas.  That made me all the more thankful for the carpool group that we have which GREATLY reduces my time spent behind the wheel each day!

2. Lunch with Jennifer!  Now that school is back in session I can get back on a regular schedule for lunch with her.

3.  Meeting with my old MOPS care group.  Same as above - it's so nice to get back into the swing of everything and I do enjoy my time with this group of ladies!

4. Sarah seems to be adjusting well to high school.  Almost every day she tells me of another nice girl she talked to.  Whew!

5.  The weather is gorgeous right now.  It is still very warm but when I walk outside it just feels perfect.  Even though it's hot the humidity is low and I love it!

6.  Long weekend on the horizon!  We don't really have any plans and that's fine with me.

7.  We FINALLY finished painting the garage this past weekend.  It looks a million times better and I am so happy that it is done!

8.  The world's longest to do list. I am currently in processing of writing down the following:  every area I want to clean and organize, every phone call I need to make (I hate making phone calls), every  project I want to do or have done around the house, everything that I keep thinking I need to do or take care of but totally forget about, etc.  I know I won't get to all of it any time soon but having it all down on one list means I might actually get some of it done.  Maybe...

9.  More yellow roses in the window...

What are you thankful for this week?


Gigi said...

The low humidity is a God-send!! And getting those projects that get done (or, in my case, almost done - with the end in sight) is an awesome feeling! Enjoy your weekend!

Ernie said...

I love your yellow roses! I am thankful to have a contractor who is going to finish the kitchen. OK, I have had this contractor for over a month and things are SLOW of course but he just had me pick out the hood today. I think it might actually happen. Fingers crossed.

Madeline said...

I am so glad your school year is off to a good start! Sarah making friends, a carpool and lunch with Jennifer must make you so happy!