Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yet another joy of motherhood they don't tell you about in the manual.

Even after the Miralax cocktail and all of that good fun, Sarah's stomach still hurts.  Typically her stomach hurts two hours after a big meal.  She's afraid her stomach is going to hurt so she doesn't eat much at breakfast or lunch and then has a big meal at dinner because she's hungry.  Which means right around bedtime, she starts complaining of pain.

So I did what any seasoned mom would do.  I waited before calling the doctor again.

Sometimes it better to wait and see if things improve on their own.  And, of course, they did not.

So I finally called our doctor back who referred us to a Pediatric GI doctor and much to Sarah's delight, our appointment was this morning.

Sarah loves going to the doctor.  She loves sitting on the examination table, she loves having her blood pressure taken, she loves answering all of their questions in excruciating detail; but  most of all, I think she enjoys all the attention.  Which is another reason I wait before calling to make an appointment.  I need to make sure there really is a problem and not just Sarah's desire to have an appointment to put on her calendar.

The Pediatric GI feels like it's a combination of constipation and gastritis.  So we are beginning a double dose of Prilosec and a single dose of Miralax daily.  If this truly is the problem, we should see relief in a week.

Sarah also gave four vile of blood for testing.  One of the tests is for Celiac Disease.  Keeping my fingers crossed that she isn't allergic to gluten.  But if she is, I guess we will do a major diet over hall.

But the best part of all? I get to take three, count 'em three, stool samples so they can check for microscopic blood to rule out stomach ulcers.

That should be loads (ha!  loads!) of fun.

Luckily Peter and Dan are heading out of town tonight for a Cub Scout camping trip.  Peter and his new found sense of all things disgusting and rear-end related would have a field day with that.

So that's where we are.   And you can rest easy. I'll report back here as necessary with any poop retrieval stories.


Mari said...

Poor Sarah! I sure hope they get to the bottom of her problems! And good luck with that retrieval!

RR Mama said...

Poor Sarah and poor you. That's when I wish were able to clone ourselves. Then we could create another person just to take those not so fun samples.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you guys are going through this...have you already tried increasing the fiber in her diet? There are a lot of GI and constipation issues around these days because most of us don't get nearly enough fiber.