Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lots of talk about rear ends and poop. Mine and Sarah's respectively...

I woke up yesterday determined to get my running back on track.  This spring has been full of trips for Dan, crazy schedules for me and rain, lots and lots of rain.  Thanks to all of this my usual running frenzy/got-to-get-in-shape-for-bathing-suit-season was all out of whack.  Therefore, my rear end is larger than normal and the amount of general jiggle everywhere has me down. 

I had a dream the other morning that my rear end was so huge I couldn't keep it covered by my bathing suit at the pool and had to remain seated until the kids brought me a towel and I could wrap myself up and skulk to the car. 

Then I woke up and thought, Whew!  Thank goodness that was a dream!. And then I hopped into the shower and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that my morning nightmare was well on it's way to becoming a reality.

All this to say that I decided yesterday morning to start the week out with a run so I could get in 5 consecutive mornings of runs and be well on my way to a less wiggly posterior.

I got up at 6:00, did my stretches, put on my running shoes, and opened the back door to discover it was raining.  I groaned, ran upstairs for my pink Red Sox hat, put it on, and opened the back door to discover that it was pouring rain.

I grumbled, closed the back door, took of my hat and my running shoes, and made a cup of coffee.

I deliberated doing a Jillian Michaels workout but that just felt like too much work.  Yes, running three miles is waaaaay easier than doing 20 minutes of Jillian.

But this morning!  This morning, it was cloudy and overcast but no rain, so I was out the door by 6:10 and I got in my three point one miles. It felt good to get it in and I'm sure after another three or four months of consecutive runs, my rear will finally not be so jiggly!  Just in time to cover it up this fall with jeans, and layers, and sweaters, and the like.  I really have got to work on my timing.

The kids have a swim meet today.  The meet from last Thursday was cancelled - due to RAIN!  And today is looking just as promising.  I am doing everything I can to avoid obsessively checking the hourly forecast because we will have to go no matter what and I can't do anything about the rain or the thunder or the lightening.  But it is good to know how many pounds of snack foods to take so maybe I should check it just once or twelve times before we leave.

Oh, and before the swim meet this afternoon I get to take Sarah's three poop samples back to the doctor so they can be analyzed.

I hope they can still see what ever it is they are looking for in 6 day old poop because I really don't want to go through that again!

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Mari said...

That dream made me laugh out loud! Hope Sarah's tests come back good.