Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Wore Sunday - The Sarah Doesn't Think My Necklace Works Edition

I'm joining the fine ladies and Fine Linen and Purple again this weekend for another edition of What I Wore Sunday and with Grace for Sunday Best.

This outfit was purchased in it's entirety from Tarjay!  I love me some one stop shopping!

I love the stripped skirt and although I paired it with a black top, the top has some great detail in it for interest.  And I added a pink necklace to give the whole outfit a little pop.  My almost nine-year-old fashion consultant told me the necklace did not look good with the outfit.  (Not the first time we've disagreed and I'm certain it won't be the last!)

I was reading a fashion blog a couple of weeks ago that said black and white stripped skirts were in this summer but to make them really in, you needed to pair them with a bright colored top.  Maybe I'll try that in a few weeks when I work up the courage.

Work it girl!

What's she looking at down there?

You can see the cool detail in the shirt as well as my pretty pink necklace.


Jenelle said...

I love that necklace! I tend to wear a lot of black and that pop of color is gorgeous!

Anna B. said...

necklace works for me, when can I borrow it..;) Great outfit.

Laura Pearl said...

You look great! I do love the detail on that top.

Anonymous said...

I love that skirt...super cute! I think it looks great with the black top. I think it would look great with a brightly colored top as well, but I'm not totally sure if I could pull it off.

I think the necklace looks great...kee it!

Mari said...

CUTE! I love the top and the necklace is perfect with it.

Grace Marie said...

sassy!!! and ha! it works! Tell her I said so!

I love that skirt.

Carly said...

The skirt is seriously awesome, as is the necklace. How lovely!

Colleen said...

Pink and black is a great combo, and I love stripes too!

Grandma T said...