Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We did it! 3 meets into the swim season, we finally managed to get in an entire swim meet.

Thanks to an hour long thunder delay, we finally completed the met at 9:20.  And that was only because they cancelled the last few events because it was too dark to see the swimmers at the end of one side of the pool.

We pulled out of the pool parking lot at 9:27 and into the Subway parking lot at 9:35.  I take a lot of snacks to a swim meet, but we are all still very, very hungry.

We got our subs to-go and settled around the kitchen tabled at 10:00.  Nothing says quality family dinnertime like subs at 10:00 PM.

And then we all went to bed because the kids were dog tired and well, because it was TEN THIRTY!!!

We won the swim meet quite handily and the kids did well in all of their events.  The only hiccup was Sarah's IM.  She's never done an IM before and half way through it, she got a mouth full of water and started choking.  So she had to grab the rope and of course, got disqualified. 

But I was proud of her for trying a new event.  Especially proud since it was one she didn't particularly want to do. 

And she gets another chance to try it again tomorrow because, did I mention?  We have a make up swim meet tomorrow.  Good news though, it's the make-up of the swim meet we almost made it through half way before it finally got called at 8:00 PM due to thunder and lightening. 

I think I'm going to suggest Saturday morning meets.  Because while there is usually thunder and lightening in the early evenings around here, it rarely happens in the mornings. We get rain in the mornings but not thunder.

And all this lead-up just to tell you that I was dog tired last night at bedtime and made the executive decision not to get up at 5:45 and go for a run.  I slept in until 6:45 when my husband got up for work. 

I was afraid I was going to regret not going for a run but I can honestly tell you, I did not.  I enjoyed every last minute of that extra hour of sleep.

Tomorrow however, I will run.

Unless it's raining. 


Mari said...

What a long day! Glad you got a complete meet in. What is an IM though?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you all on the swim meet success! After the 3 rounds of swimming lessons Hope has yet to learn how to swim, she always choking on water. =}