Friday, June 21, 2013


All of Sarah's blood work came back normal!  They tested for Celiac Disease as well as ran a CBC and CMP.  So relieved that everything is normal. 

Still haven't heard anything about the other "samples" that were taken. 

I am also happy to report that Sarah has not complained of any stomach pain for the last three days! That is huge.  Not sure it has anything to do with the Prilosec but she has been very regular the past 3 or 4 days and I think that probably has more to do with the lack of pain than anything.

My guess is she's going to be on Miralax for a very long time.  I am also trying to stuff the girl with lots of fruits and vegetables but for my pasta-cheese-and-bread-loving girl, that's easier said than done.

So, you can all rest easy this weekend knowing that Sarah's poops are back on track and that her stomach pain has eased.

I know I will.

However, I should also consider myself jinxed since I placed this information on ye ole blog because you know what happens when you shout out some excellent child related milestone on ye ole blog, right?

Yep.  You usually have to recant it the very next day.

Tune in tomorrow!

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Mari said...

Hooray for good news!