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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 12

It's Thankful Thursday!  Here's what I'm thankful for...

1. Sarah's track coach - I love Coach Steele's heart for the kids at Our Lady of Mercy and I love her passion for getting them excited about running and being part of the team.  She starts recruiting at the beginning of the school year by seeking out all the new kids and encouraging them to run.  She isn't intimidated by coaching 97 kids.  That's almost half of our school!   Her love of the kids and the sport shows and it makes it an honor and a pleasure to assist her each year.

2.Homemade mochas - a friend of mine gave me some nice hot chocolate mix for Christmas.  Sarah loves hot chocolate but she likes to make it in the Keurig because it's quick and easy.  So not to let good hot chocolate mix go to waste, I've been making my own mochas.  In the afternoons I've been brewing a cup of decaf in the Keurig, putting a large tablespoon of hot chocolate mix in the coffee, some cream and of course a big dollop of whipped cream and viola!  A homemade mocha of sorts!  YUM!

3. Plumber Dan - the dishwash stopped draining this week so Dan had to pretend he was a plumber again.  Unfortunately, he couldn't find the problem so I've been in contact with GE since the dishwash is only a year and a half old at this point.  I want them to fix it so I haven't called a repairman yet.

Even You-Tube couldn't help.  Most likely it's the motor or the pump...
4. Hand-washing dishes  - So we've been washing everything by hand since Saturday and while I don't love that, I do love washing and drying beside my sweet husband.  💗💗

5. The snow - hahahahaha!  NO.  I am not thankful for the snow but it was pretty coming down for four hours yesterday.  I am however, thankful that it did not stick and that it was gone by lunch.

6. Weather forecast for Savannah - it looks like the rain is gone now and it's going to be sunny and warm.  I know all that can change quickly but I hope it doesn't!

7. Leftovers - I love it when I make a decent meal and there are leftovers for my lunch!
This was leftover ginger beef, jasmine rice, and a coconut curry vegetable stir fry (that came in bag with the sauce included and was so delicious that even Dan commented on how good it was! And he is not a fan of most vegetables so that was high praise.)

What are you thankful for this week?


Gigi said...

Your snow had ended and was gone by lunch? We had snow until almost 2 but, thankfully, it was gone by the time I left work.

Kelli said...

Your mocha sounds wonderful..I have have to try making my own like yours. Oh I really don't like when we have problems with appliances..
Hope your having a good week!

Mari said...

I love your mocha idea!
Hope that dishwasher gets fixed soon, it's not bad doing dishes, but I hate seeing them in the sink all the time.
Your meal sounds good, and if Dan liked it, maybe Bob would too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a great thankful list. I'm never a fan of my appliances going out on of luck with getting your DW repaired.
This week, I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather we've had daily; it's been pure bliss.