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Friday, March 9, 2018


The Christmas present Peter loved most this year was tickets to see  Sabaton  in concert. In fact, if all we had gotten him was a ticket to the concert, he would have probably still declared it the best Christmas ever.

Yesterday was the big day.  Dan took a half day off of work and picked Peter up early from school and the two of them headed to Raleigh.

They checked into their hotel, found the concert venue, and then had dinner.

The concert was being held at The Ritz which is basically a very large room with a stage.  It's standing room only - no seats.  While I was researching this place, it reminded me of the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte.  Dan and I went to a Bare Naked Ladies concert there almost 20 years ago.  This was back before they were famous. 

We worked with a guy who was from New York state and he and his wife used ot see them when they were in college.  The Bare Naked Ladies were from Canada and starting out they did a bunch of college shows and small clubs in New York state.  The wife was actually pregnant with their first child at the time and he is now in college!

Anyway, we went with them and had a great time at the show even though we didn't know any of the songs.  When they released their first album, it had all the songs on it that they had been singing in small clubs for years and that we had heard.  We went to another one of their concerts after they became famous and had a great time then too.  They put on an excellent show!

Where was I?

Ah, yes.  Sabaton.

So, the Ritz was standing room only just like the Tremont Music Hall.  Peter sent me a text when the first act was on.  He said I would have probably liked them.  Sounds like they were more of a hair metal type band which I did love back in the day.  Dan texted me at one point that they had just finished a Scorpions cover so yes, I probably would have enjoyed that act.

Then the second act came on.  Peter sent me a video of the mosh pit.  My response to the video was "yikes".  He responded that he wasn't in it so I didn't need to worry.

A little later Dan sent me a text saying that he encouraged Peter to get into the mosh pit. 

Um, why would you do that, honey? 

I guess it was all part of the experience and Dan didn't want him to miss anything. And based on the videos they both sent me, it was mild as far as mosh pits go.

Here are a few pictures they texted me.  I can't wait until they get home this afternoon so I can hear all about it!

I don't know about you, but the lead singer of Sabaton is giving off a Village People vibe!  :)


Madeline said...

How awesome for Peter and how supportive of Dan!! That is a wonderful experience and a great gift. I got concert tickets as gifts as a teenager (and even sometimes now) and they are the best memories!

Gigi said...

You can see it on his face how much he was enjoying himself! Great gift!

And yes, I'm picking up on that Village People vibe.