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Friday, March 2, 2018

An update, a cool tool, and a recipe.

The sun is shining! And that makes up for the fact that it is extremely windy but I'm going to try not to complain. Because the sun is shining!!!!!

In less exciting news, I heard back from my doctor on Wednesday and the spot on my nose did test positive for basil cell carcinoma so I will definitely be having that bad boy removed.  And while I'm there I will be having the lipoma removed from my back. 

I go back this Wednesday to have the suture removed from my nose and I will discuss all of this with the doctor at that time.  Thankfully basil cell is one of the most treatable of the skin cancers but your prayers are always appreciated!

In other news, Peter has his first high school track meet this weekend.  It's an invitational so there will be 10 to 12 schools there which means this will be an all day affair.  Peter will be running in two events and in looking at the schedule, these two events are more towards the end. However, he still has to be there at 9:00 AM for warmups.  The meet starts at 10:00 and the track coach said it could take 6 hours.  Although he said it all depends on how many teams actually registered and how many heats are needed for each event.So maybe it won't take that long...

I think Dan and I will be dropping Peter off at 9:00 and going somewhere for breakfast before heading back to sit for hours to watch Peter run for a couple of minutes! 

I wanted to share this really cool kitchen tool with you guys.  Dan's sister put it in my stocking years ago.  And honestly, I put it into a box of rarely used kitchen items which I kept in the basement due to lack of space in my small kitchen.  But after the renovation, this thing made it's way upstairs and I have been using it ever since.  (And honestly, kicking myself for not using it to begin with!)

"What is this thing?" you ask.

It's a garlic peeler!  Here, I'll let Sarah demonstrate. 

Pop a couple of cloves of garlic into one end.

Then lay it on the counter and applya fair amount of pressure with your hands and roll it back and forth for a few seconds.

Shake it all onto the counter:

The clean cloves of garlic roll  right out! You might need to shake it a bit to get the skins to come out but usually they fall out with the garlic/

I love to use fresh garlic but the worst part is getting the skin off.  This makes it so easy and is actually fun to use.  Sarah and I fight over who gets to use it when I'm making dinner. 

And speaking of making dinner.  I made a really good side dish the other night.  Well, I loved it, Sarah ate it willingly but Dan and Peter protested.  Dan ended up eating all of his but Peter just took a bite and turned up his nose.

It was roasted cabbage!

Izsn't it gorgeous?  It was so simple to make.  I just sliced up a head of cabbage into "steaks".  Laid them on a parchment paper covered sheet pan.  Coated both sides with olive oil, and sprinkled on salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili pepper flakes to taste and baked in a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes and then flipped them and baked for 15 more minutes.  SO GOOD! 

It would be nice if everyone liked it as much as I did but I have yet to find that one elusive vegetable that we all love. 

Well, I'm off to vacuum and clean a few bathrooms.  Happy Friday!


Madeline said...

Eh. I'm with Peter on the cabbage. :)

But the garlic peeler seems like an easy solution!!

I will definitely pray for you and the spot on your nose!

cynthiasolc said...

Yes, many prayers. God is with us.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I like that recipe! And why does the garlic peeler have those bumpy edges?

Gigi said...

The Husband loves to cook with garlic; so I'll be on the lookout for that gadget for next year's Christmas stocking.

Sorry, I can't even with the cabbage. I'm just not a fan.

Mari said...

I'll be praying about that basil cell carcinoma. Glad it was caught early.
I think I would like that cabbage, but Bob would agree with Peter. I may try it though - just for me!

Billie Jo said...

Praying for your spot on your nose, Beth.
So glad you caught it early.
The cabbage looks good to me!!!!
Have a good day.
I did bathrooms yesterday.
A necessary evil, right???

deborah said...

Your cabbage steaks are gorgeous!

And the garlic peeler looks great! I have a garlic press I use a lot and you don't have to peel the garlic first, so it's very handy!