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Monday, March 12, 2018

But it's March!

Thanks to a wintry mix, there's no school today!

Late last week Peter was telling me that it was going to snow Sunday night and school would be cancelled on Monday.  I looked at the weather forecast and laughed.

Nope, kid.  Best case flurries, worst case nothing.  Make sure you do your homework.

But as I went to bed last night, it looked like we were going to get more than they originally were thinking and that it was going to come a little later.

I got up this morning at my normal 5:30 and it was raining.  30 minutes later I got a text from Sarah's school that school was closed due to the "impending weather".  30 minutes after that I got an email from Peter's school.

This was good for the kids as they both didn't fall asleep until really late on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Maybe they can get caught up on that lost hour this morning and Sarah has a big paper she needs to write so maybe she can get that knocked out and I'm hoping that Peter decides to use his time wisely and work on a biology project that is due soon.

In other news, we went to dinner at the Brazilian Steakhouse with my parents and my brother on Saturday evening.  It was really good.  Check out their menu.  I honestly could make a meal off the salad bar alone - jumbo shrimp, really yummy chicken salad, various other salads, different cheeses...  And the delicious hunks of meat they kept bringing around was the icing on the cake.

We attended Mass on Saturday evening before dinner because on Sunday morning Sarah's Girl Scout Troop was celebrating Girl Scout Sunday at the church her troop meets at.  Afterwards, they had lunch together and went ice skating.  She was a happy camper!

Yesterday we had lunch at my parent's house and then relaxed until time to take Sarah to Confirmation class.  Dan and I dropped her off and headed to a nearby restaurant to share a couple of apps and catch up on life before time to pick her back up.

It's  a nice little Sunday-evening-once-a-month-date-night-during-Confirmation-class  that we started last year when Peter was in 8th grade.  Class is an hour and a half and it didn't make sense to drive 20 minutes home and 20 minutes back so we decided to turn it into a mini date night.  We are both going to miss it when Sarah is confirmed in May.

This is my view outside the window right now...

The wintry mix is still falling but it's not sticking to the roads.  However, they are calling for freezing temps tonight so I am anticipating a late start to the school day tomorrow.

Here is my view from my perch at the island.  It's a little spring thanks to the tulips and a little winter thanks to this wonderful candle from Chip and JoJo that my friend Kim gave me. The wick is a piece of wood and actually crackles while it's burning so I feel like I'm sitting beside a little fire. 

Enjoy your Monday!


Madeline said...

I saw the candle on instagram! So cool!! Sorry about your March snow day. Do your schools build in snow days to the calendar or do you have to make them all up at the end of the year? Glad you had a good mini date night.

Gigi said...

I'm willing to bet that schools will be closed tomorrow rather than a delay.

I went to work not expecting this to be a "real" event. Then I found myself headed home by about 11 am...SO done with this weather. I'm in great need of sunshine and Spring!

Mari said...

A surprise snow day is always fun!
You are killing me with the tulips. One of these days you will see some on my blog, and know you are responsible for me buying them. :)

Billie Jo said...

Snowing here~
And I love that candle!!!!

Maria (also Bia) said...

That is so funny ... my husband do the same thing with those date nights and confirmation prep classes!

Snow in March is crazy; then again, it's 33 degrees this morning so I think everyone is getting that last blast of winter.

Pam said...

I think we are all ready for spring. It is spring break here but its been pretty chilly. Its in the 30s this morning but its supposed to top out in the 60s today. Later in the week we will have one day in the 80s. So at the end of spring break it will finally feel nice enough to do something. Naturally. Enjoy your snow day! :)