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Friday, March 23, 2018


This week has gone by fast!  It's always odd to me that some go by some so slow and some speed past.

Sarah was able to go on her class trip yesterday.  It had snowed in Charlottesville but the roads were clear.  I set the alarm for 4:20 and Sarah hopped right up.  Oddly enough, this never happens at 6:30 on a normal school day.

I dropped her off yesterday at 5:30 AM and the bus pulled out at 6:00 AM. She's sent me a few pics and said they are having a good time.  We are scheduled to pick her tonight at 10:00 PM. I imagine she is going to be very tired but she has a Confirmation retreat all day tomorrow so there will be no sleeping in for her. 

Peter has a track meet this afternoon and thankfully it is sunny. It's not really warm but at least the sun is shining and the winds we've had the last couple of days are gone!

I finally heard back from GE about the dishwasher that won't drain and because the washer is outside of the one year warranty period they happily offered me a discount on the parts.

I kindly responded back that I was disappointed that my expensive dishwasher that was less than 18 months old was already not working and I had hoped for a different response from GE.

I left it at that to see what they would come back with.  And low and behold, the customer service agent "did some more research" and because it's less than 18 months old, they will fix it for free this time. 

Moral of the story - always push back when you don't get what you think you should get but always do it nicely. 

Secondary moral of the story -it's always easier to wait on slow customer service agents when it's the dishwasher as opposed to say the clothes washer.  I might not have been so eager to slowly play the customer service game of emailing(thanks to extended phone wait times), waiting for a response, responding to requests for serial numbers, waiting on further responses, more questions, more responses (you get my drift) if it had been the washing machine!

So, even though I'm still washing my dishes by hand, I consider this a victory!  Now I'm just waiting to find out the date the service tech will come to do the repair.  And since we are traveling for a big chunk of next week, it will be sometime during the first week of April. 

I guess I better get some Palmolive so I don't get dishpan hands!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy this adorable picture of the cat who literally gets into everything:


Maria (also Bia) said...

love the pic!

Madeline said...

Wally is IN the file folders! Oh goodness. Glad Sarah got to go on her trip!!

Gigi said...

I'm the same way with alarms - if it's for something fun I am up and ready to go...if it's for work, I hit that snooze as often as practicable.

Good for you for pushing back - I think the majority of companies will say one thing hoping you won't push it. A friend of mine had her transmission on her car fail just after the warranty expired...she pushed back and they fixed it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wally is adorable! He needs his own 'file'. :)
So nice that you're gonna get your washer fixed on their dime....which is HOW it should be anyway!!