Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's been a while since I've done some quick takes so let's see if I've got enough to make it all the way to big number seven.

--- 1 ---
I was driving the kids to school the other morning and the people on the radio were discussing some finding that stated that you were very likely to get your propensity to say "yes" or "no" from your parents.

Of course, they were speaking in terms of saying "yes" or "no" to projects,church work, helping out at school, etc. - you know, all the things that can fill up your day and make you crazy if you aren't careful.

Peter heard this and exclaimed from the backseat, "Well, if that's the case, then I'm going to saying 'no' a lot thanks to you Mom!" Oh, funny boy.

But in my defense, if I said "yes" all the time, we would have several dogs, more toys than Toys R Us and spur of the moment sleepovers every night.
--- 2 ---
On my run yesterday, I noticed one of the houses had a ladder set up next to the house.  I thought that was strange since they had gutter guards and most likely weren't cleaning leaves.

About 15 minutes later an Animal Control Experts truck pulled into the neighborhoodAnd just as I suspected, he pulled up that house.

My nosiness is killing me and I thought about emailing another neighbor to find out what they found!  (I don't know the neighbor that needed the experts to remove something from somewhere in their home but I do know their next door neighbor.  I decided that would be the ultimate in nosiness.  So I'll just wait until I bump into the other neighbor at some point.  That would still be pretty nosy but it feels less nosy.  

Hmmmm....maybe I should have given up nosiness for Lent!  
--- 3 ---
My sister-in-law is coming from D.C. this weekend to see the kids play basketball.  The kids are always thrilled when Aunt Cathy comes and this time is no different.

She is bringing the makings of a lava lamp.  The kids have been on a science kick lately thanks to Peter's new found love of chemistry.  I've done a couple of small experiments with them but the thought of a homemade lava lamp is really exciting them.
--- 4 ---
My husband has been in Ireland all week and it has reminded me that two years ago this time, we were planning for our trip over there together.  I accompanied him on a business trip but we managed to squeeze in lots of fun things.  You can read about our trip here, here, here, here, here, here,here, and here.

I know, I know.  Looking at blog posts about other people's vacations is the modern day equivilant of watching a slide show.  But if nothing else, click over to see how much my hair has grown in two years (and confirm that my current shade is a little more natural looking) and check out my cute yellow Target trench coat!
--- 5 ---
I love coffee.  Most people that know me, know that.  And typically I like my coffee to taste like, well, coffee.  I've never been a fan of flavored coffees.  But occassionally, I like to get a peppermint mocha from Sheetz.  In January, I found myself looking for excuses to go to Sheetz to get one...typically in the afternoon on the way to pick the kids up from school.  But while tasty, they are also a little pricey.  So I found some peppermint mocha creamer and that seemed to satisfy my cravings.

But at a Moms's group meeting on Tuesday, my friend Heather, was discussing International Delight's Salted Caramel Creamer.  They were talking about how delicious it was. Heather said if I liked the combo of salty and sweet, I would like this.  And, I do like the combo of salty and sweet, so I picked up a bottle at the grocery store. 

And y'all!  YUM!  It is so good!  It has such a nice creamy, smooth caramel flavor. It's not salty so don't worry about that but I would also say that it isn't really sweet either.  Give it a shot, I think you'll be delighted...Internationally delighted!  Ha! (And no, no one is paying me to say that. Just wanted to share my latest treat with you guys!)

--- 6 ---
I have a hot date tonight!  With this guy...

His school is having a Mother/Son Bowling Night.  We get to share two hours of bowling, a large pizza, and a pitcher of soda.

I think he's most excited about the pitcher of soda.  I'm most excited about getting to spend a little time with my boy - the one who's growing up way, way to fast and will be in college in less than 8 years. 

And if those 8 years go by as fast as the last 10, he'll be gone in the blink of a teary eye.

--- 7 ---
And once again, I couldn't make it 7.  Head on over to Conversion Diary where I'm sure all the other ladies made it to 7.



Anonymous said...

On item 1, I can say that I definitely get my propensity for saying "yes" for things from my mother, which is not always a good thing. So maybe they are on to something.

Enjoy your bowling!

Anonymous said...

I remember your trip to Ireland. Two years went by fast! Have a happy basketball weekend!