Friday, February 15, 2013

Simple is good...sometimes better.

On Valentine's morning, we did our normal exchange - cards between me and Dan, goodies from us to the kids.

After getting dressed for school, Peter ran to get paper and colored pencils and made one of these for me, and one for Dan.

And Sarah had placed this at Dan's spot at the table before he came down for breakfast.

So sweet, I thought.  But I have to admit  I was a little wistful that she had not made one for me.  I chalked it up to daddy's girl, got the kids out the door to school and went on my run.

After my run, I went to my bathroom to shower and saw this on the counter:

Wonder why Sarah is making designs out of Reese's pieces?  I wondered as I hopped into the shower.

After my shower, I opened my drawer (the one the arrow had been pointing to!) and found this.

She made one for me after all!


Mari said...

So sweet! That is the best.

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, I love those!

My 5 year old girl gave Phil a card that said "To Dad" and then gave me a card that said "To Mom and Dad" and I was all like, I don't even get my own card? Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Now that made me teary-eyed!! :)