Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mwomp, womp, womp, womp....

Peter had a basketball game on Tuesday night.  This was a make-up game from Winter Storm 2013 that was more like A-little-sleet-and-one-icy-road-so-no-basketball-games 2013.  I'm hoping for no more of those - let's bring on Spring.

Peter's coach is very laid back - this style works for Peter.  Peter is there more to hang out with his BFF and learn a little bit about the game while having fun.  Peter, however, also wants to win.  These two styles don't mesh well together.

The team they played on Thursday night was coached by two very spirited Vietnamese men.  And of the 8 players on the team 4 were Vietnamese - I am assuming they were the coaches kids.

Anywho - these little boys could play.  They were dribbling like pros - switching hands, passing behind their backs, zooming in and out between the kids on Peter's team.

Peter's team didn't know what to do.  The league that they are playing in is a "let's have fun and learn about Christ league" and that's the approach Peter's coach takes.  Which for Peter is all well and good - as long as they are winning.

Peter's team lost quite handily and Peter was grousing about it from the minute the final buzzer sounded.

"The refs weren't calling everything."  (And they weren't - they are more lenient in this league and purposefully don't call everything.)

"Those boys weren't dribbling right."  (They were - Peter just isn't aware that dribbling could and should be done that way because he had never seen it before.  We really need to sit down with him and watch an NBA game or at least a college game on TV.)

"The coaches were cheating."  (And technically they weren't but they were yelling things out to their boys in Vietnamese so no one else understood what they were saying.  There is no rule that covers that in the rule book so they weren't cheating but it did feel a little dishonest.)

Regardless of all of Peter's protests, his team just plain got out played.  Sorry Pete - these boys were way better than your team.

And the whole time Peter was complaining Dan was lecturing him about being a good sport.  He was telling him that no one likes to hear someone from the losing team grouse about poor calls from the ref, cheating, etc...  Even in professional sports.  Because as Dan put it, "It just confirms that you are a loser.)

Whenever we begin to lecture Peter, I think we must sound like the adults on Charlie Brown to him. 

"Mwomop womp womp mwaomp womp womp."

Because he acts as if we aren't even speaking.  My only hope is that years of these lectures and wise parental advice will kick in and maybe when he's an adult he will act like one.  For now it's just more "mwomop womp womp mwomp womp womp...."

As good as this other team was, the did have one weakness - their shoelaces.  They could not keep them tied.  There was one kid in particular that had a problem.  The game was stopped FOUR times so he could retie his shoe. Finally at this point, the refs told everyone to tie their shoes.

Peter and Colton were on the court, they looked down and their shoes and shook their heads at each other.  Their shoes were tied and did not need to be retied.  So while the rest of the teams were bending over tying their laces, Peter decided to mock the cheerleaders.

You know that cheer "Go, go, get 'em, get 'em.  And when you got 'em go ooosh ah, ooosh ah!"?

Well, that's what the cheerleaders were doing when everyone was tying shoes and I guess Peter thought it was a bad cheer.  So the mocking commenced. 


I guess I should lecture him about it.

 "mwop mwop womp womp womp womp...." 

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