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Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I am attending Mass with the kids this morning.  The second grade will be doing the readings this week so I will be going to hear Sarah.  She will be reading from Romans 4.  She has been working hard practicing this particular reading.  It has quite a few words in it that she is struggling with: justifies, congratulates, requiring, iniquities,imputes and guilt just to name a few.  Hopefully we have practiced enough so that she doesn't stumble over any of the words! 

--- 2 ---

I went to Mass last Friday as well because Peter had a speaking part.  He did a great job reading everything but he was too far from the microphone so I struggled to hear everything he was saying.

--- 3 ---

Sarah has a map project that is due today.  She had to make a relief map out of food items and then draw a regular map from it with a legend, title, scale, compass rose, etc.  She had a little more fun with this project than Peter had with is...probably because she got to eat a lot of the leftovers!  She did however get very upset with me towards the end of the project.  They could include a scale on the map for extra credit but I'm not sure if they discussed map scales in class because she didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  And because she didn't understand me, she proceeded to yell and scream at ME for about 10 minutes.  She does this frequently when she doesn't understand something I am trying to tell her.  And it usually takes a 10 minute tantrum to get it worked out of her system.  But other than those 10 minutes of extremely childish behavior, she did a great job on this project.

--- 4 ---

Here are her two maps.  Please note that the mountains are Rice Krispie treats, the red river is a fruit roll up, the grass lands are green coconut, the beach is brown sugar and the ocean is blue frosting.  I'm sure there will be much more creative maps from the other kids, but that's about all this non-crafty mother has in her. 

--- 5 ---

Our younger female cat always wants to play with our older grumpy male cat.  However, he doesn't want to play or have anything to do with her.  So in an attempt to engage the male cat, the female usually ends up trying to paw at, lick, pounce him.  This always ends up in a very large cat fight.

Hmmmm....I can see a parallel between my cats and my children....

--- 6 ---

We have absolutely nothing planned this weekend and absolutely nothing that has to be done. Those are my favorite kinds of weekends!

--- 7 ---
Here is Sarah trying to do a flip in the air.  She said she can do one on a trampoline and is going to put that on her list for Santa.  I told her Santa and Daddy would have to have a talk and it doesn't look promising.  Not after the fiasco with the first trampoline!

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