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Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Sarah is constantly spotting people who are texting while driving. She will yell out, "Look that person is texting and driving! That's so dangerous!"  Meanwhile she has pulled something out of her backpack that she wants me to read/look at/sign/comment on while simultaneously handing her a pen/lip gloss/paper/snack from my purse.    

The cat is sitting on my lap as I am typing this passing gas. Stupid cat.

Peter's guitar teacher was in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago.  He was going about 10mph, slowing down to make a turn, when someone hit him.  He fractured his knee.  

Both Sarah and Peter are convinced that the driver was texting while driving.  Perhaps she was just trying to hand her daughter a snack/pen/lip gloss/paper from her purse....


I saw this on Facebook last week.  Love it:

I was checking my statcounter yesterday and lately the majority of people coming to my blog have ended up here by googling "pirate birthday party", "treasure hunt clues" or "halloween party food ideas".  Yesterday though, someone ended up here by googling "lonely mom".  She stayed almost 8 minutes and read 5 posts.  Lonely Mom from Jacksonville, FL, you are welcome here anytime..  Feel free to leave me a comment.  I don't get too many of those and that makes me feel lonely sometimes too!

Quick question - When you are using google as a verb is it Googled with a capital G or googled with a lower case g? I used a lower case g in Quick Take #5 and it looks weird.  However, it also looks weird with a capital G also. 

Peter came home from school very excited about the school Science Fair.  He told me volcanoes were not allowed and that the entries had to be experiments.  He's very excited and wants to participate.  I was happy about that until I read over the information.

Before he can even get started, he has to fill out a form and he has to write a research plan that includes 1) research question or problem, 2) hypothesis, 3) materials and procedure, 4) sources of information.

Guess I better start scouring the internet for 3rd grade appropriate science projects....

Have a great weekend, y'all!  For more Quick Takes, head to Conversion Diary.


Deanna said...

I think googled should be lower case unless it is at the beginning of a sentence:)
I am so glad I no longer have to do science projects. Good luck though.

Colleen said...

Wow 3rd grade is intense! My 3rd grader just told me this morning that he needed a saint costume for tonight! I hope last year's still fits :) This is the boy who would forget his head if it weren't attached to his neck...and the teacher is trying to teach them responsibility by communicating less with parents. I need more not less!!

Modest Mama said...

I love your blog! So glad I visited. Your #4 gave me chills! So many times the days all blur together and I can't even remember the last time I thanked the Lord for all my many blessings. Yikes!

deborah said...

Why do kids always want to hand you stuff or want you to turn around and look, I mean really look, at something when you're driving? lol! I think I would defintely go with a lowercase g as in "I googled a lemonade recipe." Just my two cents! And I know what you're saying about comments! ;) I have never commented on blogs a lot, but after I started my blog a couple months ago, I do a lot more because it has shown me how fun it is to get comments. Sorry about the run-on sentence!