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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apparently, I have all the time in the world.

I was out for my morning run and decided to do 4 miles instead of my normal 3.  After all, I thought, I've got to work my way up to 6.2 miles if I'm going to be ready for that 10k in the fall.

And then it hit me - it IS fall.

So this morning it became apparent to me that I will not be running a 10k in two weeks as I had originally planned back in the summer when it felt like fall was waaaaaaaaay off and I would have plenty of time to get in shape for a 10k.

I guess I need to find a 10k in the spring and sign up for it and pay for it and put it on my calendar and train for it and then actually run it.  Sounds like a good plan doesn't it? 

On a completely unrelated note, my friend Jennifer's daughter, Caity, has been making bracelets and necklaces and selling them at local school Fall Festivals and at local gift shops.  Aren't they cool?  All the kids are buying them!

Caity is working hard at this and has made a lot of money doing it.  Sarah decided that she wants to make something and sell it as well so she can make a lot of money too. 

Sarah has a couple of things working against her.  Sarah is 7 and her mom isn't very crafty.  Caity is 10 and her mom is very crafty. 

She decided she wanted to make and sell scarves. 

SCARVES, people!  We do not own a sewing machine. I can barely sew a button and Sarah still has trouble tieing her shoes.  I'm not exactly sure how she thinks we are going to make SCARVES!   But she's leaving that tiny little detail to me.  Apparently her job in this little money-making adventure is to annoy the crap out of me until I come up with something for her to make and sell. 

I have been Googling "no-sew scarves" and came up with one made from a t-shirt.  So we made one and the problem is that it's a scarf made from a t-shirt.  I really don't have what it takes to go into a local gift shop and ask them to sell a scarf that I made from cutting up a t-shirt. 

I convinced her that it wasn't a good idea and then hoped that the whole thing would just die down.  And I was good for a couple of hours until she started asking me again what she could make and sell.  She wants to buy an iPad.  And if she can't make enough money for one, she is going to ask Santa to bring it.  HA!  I hope she has another plan because I can tell you right now, Santa ain't bringing no iPad. 

I guess I will spend my morning searching Etsy to see what the crafty people are making and selling and then spend my afternoon searching Google to see if there are any tutorials on how to easily and uncraftily copy what the crafty Etsy people are making and selling.

How am I ever going to be able to get ready to run a 10k in the spring if I'm spending all of my time crafting?  Good thing the spring is waaaaaaaaay off!

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