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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A call unanswered? A deed undone?

After a morning run and a MOMS meeting (my former MOPS group turned Moms on a Mission), I headed to the kid's school to volunteer in the cafeteria so the teachers could eat lunch with each other or by themselves or wherever and with whomever as long as it wasn't with the class.

I loved seeing the kids in their element. I was sort of like a fly on the wall only I could be seen so I guess it wasn't really anything like that at all...except that's how I felt because after initial hugs, the kids didn't really care that I was there.

First lunch consists of Kindergarteners - 4th grade.  The 4th graders act as proctors for the younger grades.  They sit at the tables with the younger kids, help them open milk or anything else that needs to be opened and help them microwave anything that needs to be heated up.  Really, we moms didn't have to be there at all.  All was did was quiet the kids down for grace before the meal and grace after the meal.

The 4th grade proctors even helped clean up the tables and collect them trash and then all of the kids headed outside for 30 minutes of recess.  Seriously, I think they could have totally done it without us there.  It was a little loud in the cafeteria but there was no chaos, no anarchy, no trouble - just kids doing what they were supposed to do. 

We also had to monitor recess but that was a breeze as well.  The kids spread out into their little cliques and started to play.  When we first started going to this school, my kids were disappointed that there was no playground equipment.  But honestly, no one seems to miss it at all.

I witnessed the following in the 30 minutes of recess: a football game, a soccer game, kids running laps around the track, groups of girls giggling and laughing, and kids picking up leaves and making a big pile and jumping in them.  I guess kids really don't need expensive playground equipment to have fun.

By now it was already after 1:00 and I didn't want to go all the way home just to turn around and go back to the school so I headed to Dunkin Donuts for a healthy lunch of coffee. DD has free Wi-Fi so I brought my old laptop with me.  It's been a while since it has actually been out of my house so I was excited to kill some time on the internet with my DD coffee.

I got my coffee, powered up (very slowly) my ancient laptop and connected to the free Wi-Fi.  Unfortunately after many many tries to get connected to the internet, it wasn't happening. I finished my coffee and got in my car and started doing my Bible study lessons for this week.  I did a whole week's worth so I guess this was a better use of my time than an hour and a half of surfing the web.

Before I powered down my computer, a woman came into Dunkin' Donuts and asked two older women if they could give her a ride to her car.  She said she ran out of gas and needed a ride a couple of miles up the road.  They said no so she approached the woman beside me.  She said no so the lady turned, made a pffffffft noise and walked out.

She never got to me.  But I am certain that I would have said no.  I was glad I didn't have to, but I know that's what I would have done.  I was prepared to offer her money for gas or even my cell phone to call a friend but I knew she wasn't getting into my car.

And I was o.k. with that.

Until I started doing my Bible study in the car a few minutes later.  The Bible Study is called Jonah: A Life Interrupted and is basically about doing things that God calls you to do even when you don't want to do them.  OUCH! 

So now I'm left pondering what God wanted me to do versus what I wanted to do.  I can come up with a long list of reasons why I didn't want her to get in my car but what if that's what God really wanted me to do and I didn't do it.

I would not be surprised if today I am swallowed up by a giant fish.


Tori said...

I think if she would have approached you, no would have been the right answer. There are other ways to help people such as offering to call someone to help them, let them use your cell, give them some money to help on gas, etc. However letting someone in your car is never safe these days. Me and my husband had a terrible experience with that and allowed a couple in our car finding out they had a gun. While they never threatened us with it they made it known they had one, and we were terrified. This was some years ago and at the time we didn't have cell phones to call for help. However, as we came out fine through it all and I am forever grateful to God, it changed my perspective greatly. I won't allow anyone in my car, but I do try to find a way to help them in other ways. There are also some people that use others for their own gain such as saying they are out of gas to get money for alcohol. We just have to use our own judgement on people and try our best. But I do believe God would want us to be safe. You didn't know this woman or what she could have tried. These days it's hard to be sure of anyone. Sad but true. We can help others while keeping ourselves safe.

Really enjoyed your blog btw! :)

Mari said...

I think your no was the right answer. It's hard, but you never know what might have happened.

deborah said...

I am not comfortable with letting someone in my vehicle. I wish everyone was trustworthy, but unfortunately it isn't that way. I definitely think we should help people, but we also have to use caution and common sense. It seems like recently we have had several people standing at the entrance to our Wal-Mart holding signs about needing help, anything will help, needing work etc. I always feel compassion for these people, especially if it is legit. I'm never sure what to do. I always think of the Good Samaritan. And yet in our world, you do need to be careful!

Pam said...

Well, as we learned at MOM the other day, it would have been perfectly acceptable for you to call the police and get them to help her. You would have found out quite quickly if she was on the up and up, because I don't think she would have stuck around to wait for the help if she wasn't!