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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leave it to Jillian!

Yesterday morning it was overcast and windy and had been raining all night but the rain had seemingly stopped and I was planning to do my run.  However, as soon as I stepped out of the door, it started to drizzle and basically rained on an off all day.  I don't mind it raining on me at the end of a run, but I am just not man enough to start my run in the rain. 

So I headed back inside and turned on the Exercise On Demand channel and I started Jillian Michaels'  6 Week Six Pack.  Only Jillian Michaels could do an ab workout that would cause my rear end to hurt the next day.  I am having trouble moving this morning but I think I've found my workout for cold, wet winter days. 

And yes, just like in the 30 Day Shred DVD she says "pain is just fear leaving the body". 

I prefer to think of pain as fat leaving the body.  And if that's the case, my tush should be looking lean in no time!  Not sure what's going to happen with the abs though.


Zaankali said...

I'm with you on the running in the rain. I just can't get myself out there if it is already raining but if it starts while I am out I don't really care. I ended up running on my treadmill yesterday which I hate but it's been raining here a lot.

Anonymous said...

i've done her 6-week 6 pack several times. it's killer! i'm always sweating like a pig before the warm-up is even done!

go girl!