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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's taking his mother so long anyway?

The little boy that takes guitar lessons before Peter was waiting in the lobby for his mom to pick him up.  She must have been running behind.  The boy, who I would say is probably 7, was watching out the window for his mom, but he was also looking at me and Sarah.  Sarah was doing her homework and I was bored.

I noticed the boy had his hair spiked up with hair gel and he was wearing a plaid shirt over the top of a printed t-shirt.  He had on mismatched sneakers and one of his socks was a multicolored striped sock that went all the way up to his knee and the other was a shorter sock with stars on it.

"Oh!  It must be crazy sock/crazy clothes/crazy hair day at your school today!"  I said trying to make conversation.  Because last year, we had all three of those days at our school so this didn't seem like a stretch,although I did think it was curious that they would be celebrating all of the craziness in one day.

"Nope," was his reply.

"Oh," I said laughing nervously.

Seriously, I know better than to try to talk to people out in public.  I always end up regretting it.  Sorry little kid, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings too bad.


Mari said...

Sounds like something I would say!

Grandma T said...

He just has a very loving and VERY patient Mom to allow him to dress as he chooses!

This is still VERY funny!!!!