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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where is Michael Jackson when you need him?

Do you ever hear your voice on the answering machine and think, "I don't sound like that! Do I sound like that? That can't be how I sound."

I still cringe when I hear my recorded voice. My voice sounds so much more lyrical in my head than when I am confronted with the way it really sounds, the way other people must hear it.

The other day I was downloading some pictures from my camera and I came across this one...

"Whose ugly,veiny looking hand is that", you are probably wondering.

I wondered the same thing until I got a closer look.

It was my ugly,veiny looking hand!

I've always known that I had big veins on my hands but until I saw this photo (that was clearly accidentally taken, unless my husband has an odd sense of humor) I didn't realize just how large they appear.

Based on things I've been seeing in stores lately, I think 80's fashions are making a comeback.

Is there any chance that Madonna or Michael Jackson will be bringing gloves back into style this year?

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Rebekah said...

I can't stand listening to my voice either. Sometimes I have to play a call back at work. I HATE the way I sound.

As for the vein- the camera always makes things look larger than they are.

What I want to know is- what was going on that someone took a picture of your hand?

Family Adventure said...

I've started noticing veins on my hands lately, too. I dread to think what it might mean...ugh!

Bring on the gloves, I say!

Heidi :)

Tina said...

Have you been hitting the 'roids like baseball players do?? Ha, stop juicin'!!

If you can't, can I please pick out the sequins for your glove?!?!

Annikke said...

Don't they say a camera adds 10 it could be adding some "impression" to the veins as well!

I hate my recorded voice too!

jennwa said...

It just means you are really skinny and your veins have no where to go but out.
I have never notice your big veins before so they must not be that bad, or I would have told you. I am such a great friend.

Jaina said...

I always get all uncomfortable when I hear my voice sounds so different played back than it does in my head.

Unknown said...

I hear ya! I keep trying to take a pic of me for my husband's cell phone for when I call. But every blotch/sunspot shows up. It's frightening.

Laural Out Loud said...

Several young starletts HAVE been seeing rockin' the fingerless glove lately. So you're in luck!

But I think you have it better than me. My veins aren't big, but very very blue. Yuck!

jaime said...

ahhhh. MJ...what memories(i was a HUGE fan in the 80s). I absolutely HATE when i hear my voice cuz i always sound like i have a cold. STUPID SINUSES! lol

Doesn't it just mean you are well hydrated when you can see your veins like that? That's your story and you're stickin to it!

go google "veiny hands" images and you'll soon feel SO much better.

Anonymous said...

Your hands are beautiful! And I too am such a good friend!!! Happy day!