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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I guess I'm going to have to type it!

I have to have a grocery list when I shop. Otherwise, I come home with a trunk full of groceries and no actual meals.

Unless you consider cream cheese, cheddar cheese and ice cream an actual meal.

I have a very simple method. I keep my grocery list on the refrigerator. During the week I write down the things we have run out of and then the night before I go shopping, I figure out what we will be eating for dinner every night of the next week and then add the items I need for each meal to the list.

Now here's where I should mention that I have horrible handwriting. It was never good. Ever.

And then I took typing in 10th grade and it has only gotten worse.

You can probably see where this is going.

There will always be one item on my list that I can't read. I will get to the end of the list and there will be one thing that isn't crossed off and I will have to stop my cart, scratch my head and try to determine what that item might be.

Usually I can figure it out. I mean, it is my own handwriting after all.

But this week, I stumped myself.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what it is.

It is over in the left hand column which is where I put any items that would be in the produce/fruit/deli section of Wal-Mart.

See it there under lettuce? It looks like it starts with an "r" and I can sort of make out an "n" and a "t". But I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. (Sorry for the poor photography.)

I even showed it to my husband after I got home and asked if he could make it out. I was met with scoffing and mocking. "You want me to figure out what's on your list?"

So I'm asking you, my dear friends on the Internet. What is it? What's on my list? Any suggestions?

It's driving me crazy. Normally by now I would have figured it out but it's already been two days and I am stumped. I guess if it's something we really needed, I will have an AH-HA moment right as I am fixing dinner.

But I hate having AH-HA moments when I am in the middle of fixing dinner.

If only I had pretty handwriting like Holly's!

Maybe I should just start typing my grocery lists.

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jennwa said...

I am sorry I can not figure it out.
But I am glad I am not the only girl with bad handwriting.

Maybe you should have Peter write your list, my kids all have better handwriting then I do. I think even Cheyanne and she can not write words yet.

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

runts? you know, like the candy?

Tina said...

Ha! I was going to say Runts also!!
You are too funny...

Beth Cotell said...

Runts? I don't think I've had any Runts since maybe 1988! How Retro of you guys!

And they wouldn't be in the produce section so I'm pretty sure that wasn't it. (And the kids hijacked Holly's grocery list - not mine!)

Deanna said...

Oh my heavens! I so wish I still had my grocery list that I took to the store last night. I would SO scan it in and send it to you. It looks JUST LIKE YOURS!! (The positive of writing like that is you can make those illegal things be anything you can them to be!!)

Annikke said...

I typed my grocery list into an excel spreadsheet, organized by category. Then I hang that on my fridge and circle items I need throughout the week. It has been very helpful!

Laural Out Loud said...

Prune? Plant?

I love a good puzzle, but I love the answers even more. You have to figure this out now!

I love Annikke's strategy. I type my list, but this would be so much easier!

TheOneTrueSue said...

What, cream cheese and ice cream isn't a meal? The heck you say.

I'm just impressed that you plan out your meals. It's one of those things I keep saying I'm gonna do, and then I don't do. Ever. Pllllbttt.

Christina said...

That made me crack up because it is so much like me. I am in the grocery store, then I put my reading glasses on (which don't help at all) and then I stand there like an idiot trying to guess what it is. Usually I have to look at all my meals and try to figure out which meal is missing an ingredient. Without a recipe in front of me I am not even sure what the actual ingredients are to all the recipes. If I in fact do figure it out it is probably 12 isles in the opposite direction. Sorry but I can't even figure out my own item never mind yours. I do like this idea though, posting it so our friends can try to figure it out for us. I now have to call my daughter to tell her I get why she needs a phone with internet since I once told her who needs this, but boy it would come in handy in the store if I needed to look up a recipe (which she does) or if I needed to post so my girlfriends could help. Actually this would of been a good tip for it works for me Wednesday.

Tenakim said...

That's funny- I have no idea what that is you wrote, but, honestly, I couldn't even see the word "lettuce" that you said it was beneath- did you totally scour the prduce dept, trying to jumpstart your memory- that's what I would have done. mint, do you use mint??

Ann(ie) said...

I think cream cheese, cheddar cheese and ice cream round out to a nice meal. And your family will have very strong bones. :)

AlaneM said...

Oh man, cracking me up!!! I have attrocious writing too - my hubby likes to find lists I've written & attempt to pronounce the words as they look. Ha ha honey, very funny.
I totally keep my grocery list on the computer cos I encounter the same problem if I write it out.
Nice to find a fellow bad writer out there, now I don't feel so all alone :)

Pam said...

I've started putting my grocery list on a little txt file/notepad kinda thing in windows.. I have no idea how to do it. Hubby is a programmer! But I've got one for Walmart, Sams, to do etc. I just click on that list, type in my junk and on shopping day, print it out. Simple because yes, my handwriting stinks to high heaveen too! I put a * next to produce and the first things I pass in the store, get those first and then move on. Not super organized-y, but it works for me!

Mari said...

You sound so much like me! I do the same thing. I hate standing in the store, trying to figure out what I wrote.

Sue Wilkey said...

rum nuts, obviously. Ask me anything.

Momisodes said...


Man, I tried making out doctor's handwriting for years as a nurse. This one is a tough one!

carrie said...

Well, obviously it says rum.

I too have to bring a list or I come home with lettuce, chips and ice cream. Who says that isn't a meal in itself? :)

The Beauty Bargainista said...

Oh my gosh Beth! I have chicken sctrach too and everyone in my family mocks me for it! lol I was always told as a child that my handwriting was bad because I have severe dyslexia, but I claim that Im just lazy! lol Im sorry I cant help you out with what you wrote, but I type my lists out now too! :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I'm pretty sure it says 'maid'. Yep, that IS what it says. :)

I so get you. I'm another lister myself. Without a list I'm useless and wasteful!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...


I have come back so many times today trying to see if you updated this. HAVE YOU FIGURED IT OUT??? It's driving me nuts.

I have been racking my brain all day. carrots?
Did you kids write something?
Did you write something while you were thinking of something else and wrote the wrong word. I do that in my comments sometimes when my kids come in and interrupt me.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Clam... chum? Maybe shark bait...

I like your method of keeping the list next to the fridge, my hand writing is as cryptic.

You said "Unless you consider cream cheese, cheddar cheese and ice cream an actual meal." I wanted to say "yes... of course I do"

Unknown said...

It looks like "carrot" to me...

Jaina said...

Have you figured it out? I've only been trying for the past few minutes and it's driving me nuts! The closest I can come is "rine" which makes no sense. Good luck, and let us know if you figure it out!

Texasholly said...

OMG. You are so funny. The word really looks like not a very nice word that you wouldn't be shopping for at Wal-Mart...ouch. Maybe you could use markers and draw out your groceries?