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Monday, March 31, 2008

Miracle Monday

I consider myself a good and faithful Christian. But then I read about Tonya and her faith in the Lord and then I begin to question mine. I don't know if I would be as strong in my faith if I had to endure what she has gone through.

Tonya lost her 11 year old son to Neuroblastoma but she never lost her faith in God. She posted a miracle on Miracle Monday a couple of weeks ago that made me cry, no, it actually made me weep.

But after I wiped my tears, I was reminded of the happiness that she felt while hearing her son have an actual conversation with the Lord - not a prayer, but an actual conversation. He son was actually hearing God's responses and responding back to him.

She considered overhearing these conversations to be a great gift from God as she was losing her son. Please read about her miracle here. I hope that you will be as uplifted by it as I was.

If you would like to participate in Miracle Monday, please write a post on your blog, mention Miracle Monday and A Mom's Life and link back to it here using Mr. Linky below. And please, feel free to use the Miracle Monday button on your blog post. And remember, link directly to your Miracle Monday post and not the front of your blog, so that if people are browsing through old editions in the future they will go straight to your miracle.

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Mr. Linky and this week's edition of Miracle Monday are now closed. Please come back next week if you have a miracle you want to post. In the meantime, please enjoy the miracles below.


Jenileigh said...

I agree she is a wonderful strong woman of God!

Denise said...

Such an amazing woman of faith.

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Tonya is an amazing inspiration. I love the new look. I posted a miracle today.


Chelle said...

Found your site from Tracy-Berta. Thank you for sharing this amazing story!!

Melissa said...

Oh I love love love the new look of your blog! I have really been enjoying your miricale monday!

Tonya said...

Beth, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing our story. That indeed was the greatest miracle I've ever witnessed. We do serve an AWESOME GOD, don't we? ;-)

I LOVE your new look! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Amy said...


With so much sadness in this world, I find your Miracles on Monday refreshing. I am so inspired by the strength and faith of so many fine women.

Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

First I love that those of us that comment are "brilliant". Finally, someone has seen that in Me! haha!

I loved that you posted about Tonya and Brent. Her family first became special to me in the fall of '06. I had been asked to pray by a fellow church member for a little girl that she knew that had cancer. The site for that young sweetheart had a link for Brent. I was immediately drawn to them and began to pray everyday and sometimes ALL day for them. I am thrilled that Tonya and I have become friends, despite never meeting in person. She is a remarkable, inspiring woman!

By the way, I didn't follow instructions very well. I am still new at this blog thing, so I forgot to link back to my exact post from today. Sorry! :(

Thanks for hosting Beth!

Christina said...

so sorry I missed it this week, but I have many mores miracles for the weeks to come. I think Tonya is amazing and read about her awhile back. What an awesome miracle she has witnessed.