Thursday, February 2, 2012

Student Appreciation Day is supposed to be about the kids but I somehow make it all about ME!

Yesterday morning when I woke the kids up all I could get out of my mouth was, "Rise and Shine!  It's Student Appre-" and they were up, breakfast eaten, beds made, teeth brushed, hair combed and ready to go. 

They had a great day.  And I even enjoyed myself.  I am not going to lie.  I was not looking forward to it at all.

When I signed up to help there were three options left from which to choose.  The first option was Wipeout.  While I love to watch Wipeout on TV with the kids, I knew that playing it outdoors rain or shine, 60 degrees or 30 degrees was not an option for me.  So I passed on volunteering at the Wipeout station.  (And might I add, the man that set up the course did a great job.  He even had a sweeper arm and kids stationed around the course to fire Nerf bullets at the kids going through the obstacles.  And he designed and printed tee shirts.  I think I am officially the most slacker parent at this school.)

My next option was helping with the cooking station.!  Now that I could handle.  Not so much the cooking but I am always available for eating. 

However, I finally chose the Relay Race station because the mom in charge of that station is Peter's friend Chris' mom and my only real mom friend at the school so far.  So, I knew I had to help her.

But relay races?  Ugh.  So not my style.  Anyway, I went knowing that it was only from 9-12 and I could do anything for 3 hours, right? 

But what do you know. I actually had fun.  I actually enjoyed myself.  Yikes!  Who am I becoming?

And all of the kids that came through our station seemed to enjoy themselves as well.  Nothing like running, and screaming and relaying and racing for 30 minutes to really get the kids fired up!

But alas, I must be getting old.  I was in the gym on my feet from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm.  I finally got home around 1:00 and was exhausted.  Tuckered out as we like to say in the south.  Tuckered plum out from being on my feet for only 4 hours.  What a wimp!

But alls well that ends well. I have recovered today.  My kids have recovered from the gummy worms AND gummy bears that put on their top-your-own sundaes yesterday.  (ick!)  And I knew life was back to normal when I had to drag them out of bed.   They weren't falling for my sing-songy version of "Rise and Shine!  It's Student Appreciation Day" today.

And let me leave you with this picture of me hard at work at the Relay Race station:

This fine photography work was done by one of the many kids that took photography as one of their sessions yesterday.  After a brief lesson, they were set loose on the school to take pictures of all the kids.  546 pictures later and this is the best one of me.  Oh, well! 

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Anonymous said...

Such a fun day you had!! I can almost hear the joyful sounds of happy kids at play!!