Thursday, February 23, 2012

No more yellow packs and lady bug spots. What a morning!

I had an errand to run this morning that took me right by the Sheetz.  I decided to swing in and get myself a cup of coffee.

I haven't been inside the Sheetz for a cup of coffee in a while.  When I worked at the preschool, I stopped in every morning to get a large Mocha to steel myself for the classroom full of loud and energetic preschoolers.  And even though I figured I was spending more in my Mocha habit than I was actually making, it was worth it if I could just get through that year.

This morning, I wasn't going to order a fancy coffee drink, I was just going to get a plain cup of serve it yourself joe.  When I headed over to the self serve bar, I was pleasantly surprised!  The burners with glass pots of coffee had been removed and in it's place were tall machines that resembled soda fountain machines at McDonald's or wherever you eat your fast food.

Very cool, I thought, as I put my cup under the dispenser and hot coffee gushed forth.  As I turned around to get my cream and Splenda, I was in for an even more pleasant surprise.

The little packs of cream had been replaced with machines that dispense cream, milk and all sorts of flavorings directly into your coffee - no annoying pack to open AND! there were also sugar machines!  I pressed a button and Splenda was dispensed directly into my cup.

I can non tell you how happy I was not to have to open a bunch of tiny yellow packets.

And no - this is not a paid advertisement for Sheetz - I was just really, really excited by these new machines.  Perhaps I should get out and away from my little Keurig more often.  The world  is a big, exciting place apparently.

And to add to my wonder and amazement at Sheetz this morning, as I was giddily skipping back to my car this morning, I noticed a Kia Soul that was parked right beside me.

This car was painted red and was covered in large black dots - yes, think lady bug spots.  The tires were red rimmed continuing with the theme and the best part of all?

There were large eye lashes on top of the head lights!  Eye lashes! These eye lashes were custom made because they fit the car and the head lights perfectly. 

I wish I could have stayed longer because I would love to know who was driving that car.  I half expected a clown with a shiny red nose and large red shoes to come bopping out of the Sheetz with her hot coffee, squeaky horn and over-sized purse.   

Like I said, the world is a big and exciting place.


Wendy said...

Ooh! I might have to head to Sheetz for some coffee this weekend to try out the new toys! I've been hitting up McDonald's for their $1 any size coffe the past few weeks but this may lure me back into Sheetz.

Not sure what to say about the car. I haven't seen that one around here!

Corey~living and loving said...

oooo I wish you had a picture of the car. how fun.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the world is for sure a big and exciting place, and it's even nicer because you're in it!!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see a photo at the bottom of the post of this car as well.