Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - The Who The Heck Is He Edition

1.  I've been excited since the kids started at their new school for them to run track.  I got the practice schedule yesterday and of course they practice at the exact time Sarah is supposed to have piano practice.  UGH.  I will be calling her teacher today to find out if we can change her practice time.

2. I never thought I would be one of those parents who over schedules their children but with Boy and Girl Scouts, piano for Sarah, guitar for Peter, basketball for Sarah, swim team in the summer for both, and now track for both, it seems that is exactly who I have become.  sigh

3. A few more chapters in Revelation and I am done with reading the Bible all the way through a second time. Whew!  It took me more than a year again but I did it.  Now instead of reading it all the way through again, I would like to choose a few chapters and study them in depth.  I don't want a DVD-based study though because I do my reading/studying in the morning when everyone else is asleep.  I need suggestions on a good study that is book-based.  If you have any, please leave them in the comments.

4. My father-in-law has gone back to his home for a visit this weekend.  The smile on his face as he waved goodbye last night was priceless.

5.  The kids both have projects this month that involve researching someone from history and writing a report about the person and then delivering the information in a creative way.  Since I am not creative, the kids will be dressing up as their characters and telling about them.  I am certain other kids will come in with videos, song and dance routines, soliloquies, etc.  Not my kids though...unfortunately they were cursed with a mom who is completely uncreative.  Sorry guys!

6.  Peter's report is for black history month so he has chosen Colin Powell.  Well, chosen is probably not the best word - Dan suggested it to Peter and Peter is going along with it.  Dan meet Colin Powell when he was in the army serving in Panama. 

7.  Sarah is doing Stephen Hopkins.  Who the heck is who you might be wondering?  He was one of the pilgrims who come over on the Mayflower.  Dan and thus Peter and Sarah can trace their ancestry back to him.  When we asked Sarah who she wanted to do for her report (hers isn't for black history month, obviously) she chose him.  I tried to dissuade her because there isn't a vast wealth of info on him but thanks to Google and the Wiki there is enough for a 2nd grade report.  She will be dressing up as one of his daughters.  She's supposed to include a  picture.  Think this one will do?  I hope so.  Perhaps I can substitute a picture of Miles Standish or William Brewster - you know - the famous pilgrims!
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Colleen said...

Cool lineage! And yup, we have the kids in every sport possible and whine about it the whole time. How did we get here?!?!

Bia said...

our boys are in different sports, which helps. the oldest does football in the fall, the middle has basketball in the winter, and the youngest is all over the place.

my husband and i made the decision a long time ago to not let the boys sign up for sports that involved late nights (i.e. swimming) or weekends (travel soccer, etc.).

it is hard to keep things sane.

Suburban Correspondent said...

My husband can trace his ancestry back to someone who was killed during the Salem Witch trials. Pressed to death - boy, that would make some presentation, wouldn't it?

deborah said...

Your kids aren't the only ones with a mom who feels uncreative. My kid's mom is the same way!

I did a Bible study by Kelly Minter that didn't have dvd's. It was "Ruth" and I really liked it. I've also worked through several of Beth Moore's without doing the dvd's. The videos definitely add, but I've always felt like I got a lot just from the study.